Event Planning Guide

A long line of staff, faculty and students Whoosh on the North Mall

Everything you need to know (and more) about campus event planning at The University of Texas at Dallas.


Be aware of UT Dallas’ policies regarding event procedures and event space before you get started.

Planning Process

A step-by-step guide to everything you need to do (and think about) to prepare for a successful event on campus – from reserving a room to hiring campus police.

Publicity Tips

Think about publicity at the start of your planning. You have many options available to you, such as adding your event to the Comet Calendar, running an ad in the UTD Mercury or submitting your information to the News Center.


Uh-oh. Misfortune struck and you need to undo months of planning and cancel your event. Follow this guide to ensure that all the proper people are aware of the change.

What’s New…

Microsoft Teams is a great resource for hosting Live events online. The Office of Information Technology has documented easy to follow guides to help you launch your next successful event.


Did you know…

University Events hosts an annual Event Planners Forum open to all UT Dallas event personnel. The one-day Forum is designed to help event planners navigate the various obstacles of planning events on campus.

To watch this year’s forum, click HERE

Content related to this year’s forum:

To receive information directly for future forums, please join our distribution list. Otherwise, be sure to keep an eye out for event information in Intercom at the start of each summer.