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“After taking Intro to Sociology I was interested in learning more. I’ve always been fascinated by human interaction and the dynamics of it. Many of my friends are jealous that I have interesting things to talk about from class.” — Bryce Merckling

Welcome to the sociology program at The University of Texas at Dallas, which offers students the opportunity to pursue a bachelor of arts degree in sociology and a master of science degree in applied sociology. Through this program, students analyze the structure of groups within society and the way these groups influence the behavior of individuals.

Some of the areas of sociological inquiry within our program include interactions within and across family units, social distinctions and inequality based on class, race, ethnicity and gender, workplace structures and occupations, health and healthcare systems, as well as the examination of education and religious institutions. Emphasis is placed not only on the nature of these topics as they relate to the functioning and stability of society, but also on potential implications for shaping social policy.

Graduates are often employed in areas such as social science and marketing research, social services, teaching, sales and marketing, human resources, public relations and healthcare administration. A number of sociology graduates also pursue professional and graduate degrees in law, social work, counseling, public administration, public policy and criminal justice.

Sociology Club
Sociology undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to participate in the Sociology Club, an organization that meets periodically to plan and participate in community outreach, learn about career and research opportunities, build network ties with students and professionals who share an interest in the sociological perspective, and host guest lectures on topics of interest.