With a focus on a myriad of social science topics, below are highlights of recently published faculty research.

Lone Star Leaders: Power and Personality in the Texas Congressional Delegation

Anthony M. Champagne, Co-Author

“Lone Star Leaders” is the story of the men and women who represented Texas in Congress. For a century and a quarter they were masters of congressional politics and represented Texas on the national stage. Included are lively portrayals of the characters—party leaders, committee chairs, and the political pioneers—who made Texas a major player in congressional politics for the past 125 years, as well as the ideologues and the buffoons that are also part of the Texas congressional story.

Performance Politics and the British Voter

Harold D. Clarke, Co-Author

What matters most to voters when they choose their leaders? This book suggests that performance politics is at the heart of contemporary democracy, with voters forming judgments about how well competing parties and leaders perform on important issues. Given the high stakes and uncertainty involved, voters rely heavily on partisan cues and party leader images as guides to electoral choice. This book shows that a model emphasizing flexible partisan attachments, party leader images and judgments of party competence on key issues can explain electoral choice in contemporary Britain.

Confronting Corruption, Building Accountability:
Lessons from the World of International Development Advising

Lloyd J. Dumas, Co-Author

The crisis that nearly brought the world’s financial house down in 2008 demonstrated clearly and powerfully that the global economy cannot work well where there is widespread deception based in deep-seated corruption and lack of accountability. Corruption and lack of accountability are also key reasons why international development assistance so often fails to deliver on its promise. With a unique focus on corruption among those giving rather than receiving development advice, this book analyzes the problem, considers how major donor organizations approach it, and offers a series of helpful strategies for working toward solutions--in aid delivery and beyond.

Key Issues in Criminal Career Research:
New Analyses of the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development

Alex Piquero, Co-Author

This book examines several contentious and under-studied criminal career issues using one of the world's most important longitudinal studies, the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development (CSDD), a longitudinal study of 411 South London boys followed in criminal records to age 40. The analysis reported in the book explores issues related to prevalence, offending frequency, specialization, onset sequences, co-offending, chronicity, career length, and trajectory estimation.

The Political Economy of Terrorism, 2nd ed.

Todd Sandler, Co-Author

“The Political Economy of Terrorism” presents a widely accessible political economy approach to the study of terrorism. It applies economic methodology - theoretical and empirical - combined with political analysis and realities to the study of domestic and transnational terrorism. In so doing, the book provides both a qualitative and quantitative investigation of terrorism in a balanced up-to-date presentation that informs students, policymakers, researchers, and the general reader of the current state of knowledge.