Katie Ener

“Sociology is truly a discipline for those intrigued about the world, and willing to imagine experiences outside their own.”

Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts

Degree: BA - Sociology
Graduated: May 2011
Current Academic Pursuit: MS - International Political Economy

UT Dallas Achievements & Activities

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Deciding on Sociology

I entered the sociology program after transferring from Collin College in the spring of 2009. I chose sociology because I was interested in learning about the rules that govern the social world that so often go unnoticed. My experience in sociology has been enriching and allowed me to explore diverse interests while honing analytical and critical thinking skills.

Sociology is truly a discipline for those intrigued about the world. It has allowed me to refine the skill of stepping into another's shoes, and in doing so, imagine experiences outside my own. Within sociology, my interests are in race, ethnicity, gender and inequality, and I am particularly fascinated with the study of these concepts in Asian societies.

My EPPS Success

Crucial to my success in EPPS have been the discussions that happen after lectures with professors and fellow students. The passion of the faculty to share their expertise, as well as the diversity of students in EPPS, cultivates an environment in which I can explore dynamic ideas that often challenge my own.

Plans for the Future

I am staying in EPPS for graduate school, and will enter the master's degree program for International Political Economy in the fall 2011 semester. I plan to focus my studies on Asia and the Middle East and international conflict.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

To students considering EPPS, I would say that getting an education, not just a degree, in the social sciences requires more than just study time. It takes commitment to think beyond oneself and the acceptance of no absolutes. But it's so rewarding! What you learn from your courses in EPPS will carry with you into every arena of life.

Other Interests

I was trained as a ballet dancer, and I still enjoy dancing in my free time. I also love to travel, read, cook and bake.