Dionna Budd

“If you work hard, you can be really successful and learn a great deal.”

Hometown: Katy, Texas

Degree: BA - Political Science
Graduated: May 2012
Current Academic Pursuit: MA - Political Science, Consitutional Law Studies

UT Dallas Achievements & Activities

  • Mock Trial Assistant Coach (previously Team Captain)
  • Legal Mediation Assistant Coach
  • Model United Nations President
  • African Union Chair - National Model United Nations, New York
  • 5th Defense Witness - Baylor Mock Trial Invitational
  • World Trade Organization Chair - National Model United Nations, New York
  • McDermott Scholar
  • 1st Place, Challenge E - Destination Imagination Global Competition
  • All-American Advocate-Client Pair & Team - 2010 Intercollegiate Mediation Tournament
  • Destination Imagination
  • Intramural Sports
  • Residential Senate
  • Building Government
  • Moot Court

Deciding on Political Science

As a freshman, I realized that the classes that most interested me were my political science classes. I took a couple of classes with Dr. Thielemann and really enjoyed them. Also, Dr. Harpham really served as a mentor to me and helped me move toward a degree that made me happy. I knew that I wanted to go to law school in the future - it was just a matter of figuring out what to study in the meantime.

My EPPS Success

The professors in the program are amazing. They really care whether or not students learn. I have yet to encounter a professor that I feel I cannot approach and have a discussion with. Also, the advisors are amazing. Ms. Rollerson has helped me a lot over the years.

I love that discussion is an important part of class time. Also, I really enjoy when professors are able to incorporate guest speakers to give us another perspective and real-world examples.

Plans for the Future

I'm participating in the Political Science Fast Track program here at UT Dallas, which will allow me to receive my master's degree in a shorter amount of time than is typical. My ultimate goal is to go to law school and eventually practice adoption law.

Advice to Prospective EPPS Students

I would tell prospective EPPS students that our professors are amazing. If you work hard, you can be really successful and learn a great deal.

Other Interests

I try to run every day. It's a good form of exercise, and I feel like it keeps me balanced. I also love to read. Sometimes, I get so caught up in a novel that I'll stay up all night trying to finish it. Eating is another favorite pastime. It seems so simple, but when you do it with others, it builds community and brings you closer together. I definitely like to try new foods. I even like to experiment in the kitchen and make my own creations.