PhD Graduates in Criminology

Ivan Gregory Birch (Fall 2017)
"Perceptions of Success in serious Juvenile Offenders: A Group-Based Trajectory Approach"
Professor: Alex R. Piquero

Stephanie Cardwell (Spring 2017)
"The Longitudinal Relations between Religiosity, Moral Disengagement, and Offending in Serious Adolescent Offenders"
Professor: Alex R. Piquero

Ivan Wong (Spring 2017)
"Predicting Arrest Trajectories in Micro-places: A Test of Social Disorganization Theory"
Professor: John Worrall

Michele Meitl (Spring 2017)
"Criminal Law And Procedure Opinions Throughout The 2001-2015 Terms"
Professor: Nicole Leeper Piquero

Turgut Ozkan (Spring 2017)
"Predicting Recidivism Through Machine Learning"
Professor: Alex R. Piquero

Richard Riner (Spring 2017)
"Race, Class, and Procedural Justice During Traffic Stops"
Professor: Nadine Connell

Haley Zettler (Spring 2016)
"Exploring the Role Between Dual Diagnosis and Recidivism"
Professor: Robert G. Morris

Mark Saber (Spring 2016)
"Understanding the Individual & Contextual Determinants of Protective Gun Ownership: Analysis of Data from the National Survey of Private Ownership of Firearms"
Professor: Tomislav Kovandzic

Erik Milzcik (Spring 2016)
"Group Differences in Cybercrime Victimization from a Routine Activities Perspective"
Professor: Nicole Leeper Piquero

Alexis Harper (Spring 2016)
"Doctoring Disorganization: Assessing Crime and Hospitalizations in Dallas, Texas"
Professor: Nicole Leeper Piquero and Timothy M. Bray

Stephen Clipper (Spring 2016)
"Predicting Failure To Appear: A Comparison of Statistical Techniques"
Professor: Alex R. Piquero and Robert G. M

Nina Barbieri (Spring 2016)
"Examining General Strain Theory: Using Subjective and Objective Measures of Academic Strain to Predict Delinquency and Substance Use"
Professor: Nadine M. Connell and Nicole Leeper Piquero

Jessica Craig (Spring 2015)
"The Role of Personality Factors in Predicting Embezzlement, Fraud, and Shoplifting"
Professor: Nicole Leeper-Piquero

Sarah El Sayed (Spring 2015)
"Differentiating between Moffitt's Developmental Taxonomy and Silverthorn and Frick's Delayed-Onset Models of Female Offending"
Professor: Alex Piquero

Michael Gage Cherbonneau (Fall 2014)
"Breaking Down and Boosting Cars: A Qualitative Study of Offender Decision-Making in Auto Theft"
Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, College of Arts & Sciences, University of North Florida
Professor: Bruce A. Jacobs

Jensten Cody Jorgensen (Fall 2014)
"Badges, Bongs, Bookies and Brothels: Police Officers' Attitudes Toward Vice"
Lecturer of Criminology, UT Dallas
Professor: John L. Worrall

Brooke Miller (Fall 2014)
"A Test of Self-Control Theory and Social Learning Theory on Cyber Offending"
Lecturer, Criminal Justice, University of North Texas
Professor: Robert G. II Morris

Rashaan A. DeShay (Spring 2014)
"Why Offenders Take Breaks: A Qualitative Exploration of Intermittency in Criminal Careers"
Professor: Lynne M. Vieraitis

Stephen Arthur Bishopp (Spring 2013)
"An Examination of General Strain Theory and the Effects of Violent Crime Exposure on Police Suicide Ideation, Alcohol Consumption and Divorce"
Associate Director for Research, Caruth Police Institute
Professor: John L. Worrall

Michael L. Carriaga (Spring 2013)
"Closing the Maturity Gap: Exploring the Relationship between Changes in the Maturity Gap and Adolescence-Limited Offending"
Information Service Coordinator, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Robert G. Morris

Brie Diamond (Spring 2013)
"Assessing the Determinants and Stability of Self-Control into Adulthood"
Assistant Professor, Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Christian Univeristy
Professor: Alex R. Piquero

Henriikka Weir (Spring 2013)
"The Web of Addiction: Biology and Environment in Substance Abuse and Crime"
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Professor: Robert G. Morris

Marquis R. White (Fall 2012)
"The Role of Disciplinary Sanctions in Violent Misconduct: A Multi-Level Growth Curve Approach to Examining Prison Violence"
Queens, NY
Professor: Robert G. Morris

Erin Anderson Orrick (Summer 2012)
"Criminal Attitudes and Reentry: An Analysis of Recidivism Post-Release from Prison among Serious Violent Offenders"
Provost Office, The University of Texas at Dallas
Professor: Tomislav V. Kovandzic

Aaron L. Bartula (Spring 2012)
"The Independency of Trust:  Testing the Link between Trust and Delinquency Independent of Attachment"
Assistant professor, University of North Texas - Dallas
Professors: Denise P. Boots & John L. Worrall

Ryan Mychal Getty (Spring 2012)
"Does the Apple Fall Far from the Tree?  Police Field Training Officers, Their Trainees and Allegations of Misconduct"
Assistant Professor, California State University, Sacramento
Professor: John L. Worrall

Richard Charles Helfers (Spring 2012)
"The Impact of Neighborhood Level Collective Efficacy on Household Violent Crime Victimization:  Evidence from Two Southern Cities"
Richardson Police Department - Texas
Professor: Tomislav V. Kovandzic

David H. Marble (Spring 2012)
"The Impact of Discretionary Parole Release on Offender Recidivism"
Professor/Departmental Chair of Criminal Justice and Political Science at Collin College - Texas
Professor: James W. Marquart

Stephanie M. Abramoske-James (Spring 2012)
"The Effects of Childhood Victimization on Adult Offending: An Extension of the 'Cycle of Violence'"
Collin College - Texas
Professor: Lynne M. Vieraitis

Joshua A. Harms (Spring 2011)
"The War on Terror and Legal Change: Exploring Offenders Who Provide Material Support to Terrorists"
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, Middle Tennessee State
Professor: James W. Marquart

Jonathan Caudill (Summer 2010)
"Social Control at the Margins: Utility of Black's Theory of Law in Policing Gang Affiliates"
California State University - Chico
Professor: James Marquart

Katherine Polzer (Fall 2007)
"Issues in Punishment and Sentencing: A Multiple Venue Analysis"
Texas Christian University
Professor: Paul Tracy

Steven Downing (Summer 2007)
"Linkages among Social Control, Crime and Deviance: A Subcultural Approach"
Institute of Technology - Canada
Professor: Bruce Jacobs

Kristine Miller (Summer 2007)
"Sexual Assault among Incarcerated Males: A Modern Perspective of a Historical Issue"
Plymouth State University - New Hampshire
Professor: James Marquart