As a digital liberal arts program, the EMAC major emphasizes theoretical, analytical, and creative approaches to help students understand the shifting media landscape. Our students develop critical, creative, and collaborative skills in writing and research, web design, digital aesthetics, social media, and platform and application development. Although we do not provide pre-professional training in digital marketing, public relations, journalism, or media production, EMAC majors build on their analytical and creative skills to develop careers in these fields and many others.

Grounded with a set of core courses to introduce students to theory and practice, the EMAC degree programs extend that foundation with additional required courses to develop a broad sense of Emerging Media and Communication. Students then select prescribed electives where they can focus on more specific interests, such as media studies, communication studies, user experience design, and creative production.

The EMAC BA program has four core courses. Faculty committees update course content every year to reflect the quickly evolving digital contexts we study, but these syllabi offer an overview of the types of topics and course design that typify EMAC courses.

The EMAC MA program has three core courses. EMAC 6300 introduces students to theoretical perspectives, EMAC 6373 introduces students to creative approaches, and EMAC 6375 introduces students to the quantitative methods of inquiry.

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