About EMAC

In the Emerging Media and Communication degree program, students learn to combine critical thinking with creative production to become engaged digital citizens.

Located within the School of Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication the Emerging Media and Communication degree addresses the importance of understanding the social and cultural implications of an “always on” world. Through a range of disciplines including media studies, communication, psychology, art, history, writing, philosophy, and sociology, students will question the significance and impact of digital media on our major social structures and cultural institutions, working to understand how this affects what it means to be a citizen in the digital world.

The degree program fosters the skills necessary for students to understand and succeed in the shifting media landscape. Through working on digital media projects, EMAC majors develop critical, creative, and collaborative skills in web design, digital aesthetics, writing and research, social media, and platform and application development.

Students are not only challenged to think about how media and communication function today but are also equipped with the tools to critically understand and create the digital media of tomorrow.