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Campus Alert E-mail and Website

Campus Alert E-mail - Messages about situations that the entire campus community needs to be aware of will be sent via e-mail to all faculty, students and staff.

The Office of Communications coordinates these messages with the UTD Police and to distributes them in a timely manner.


All broadcast messages that are sent to the campus community about crime and other emergencies are posted at UTD Police Webpage, and depending on the severity situation, on the front page of the University's Web page. If you feel that UTD Homepage doesn't show up, please check the status of UTD Server at

Updates and the final resolution of a situation will be posted on the same page on which it first appeared.

Please note that the most up-to-date information incidents can be found at


UTDPD leads efforts to notify the campus community of crimes that occur in specific areas of campus for which an arrest has not yet been made. Flyers are posted in high-traffic areas like residence halls, academic buildings, administrative buildings.

Outdoor Warning System

Outdoor warning sirens are used to warn the public of an approaching hazard, one of them being to warn against a potential threat or natural disaster in the immediate area.

The University of Texas at Dallas has installed an outdoor warning system (OWS) as an additional method to warn the campus of impending or current dangerous situations. This is in addition to the City of Richardson's sirens, one of which is located on the UTD campus. The system has siren and voice capability. We will test the system the first Wednesday of each month at noon to ensure the system is functioning properly and so the campus community becomes familiar with the sound and recognizes and pays attention to the voice messages.

Indoor Warning System

This system will allow for UTD Police dispatch to have the capability to communicate with most buildings or each building individually. Some buildings are outfitted with equipment that dispatch can communicate to live and play messages, but others must be accessed individually at the fire panels in the buildings. Fire Alarm pulls also are used in warning occupants of an emergency within the building.

One-to-one communication and UTDPD loud speakers

Depending on the campus location and the severity of a situation, UTPD or a building supervisor may ask occupants to evacuate the building or to "lock down" or "shelter in place."

The fire alarm also may be activated to notify occupants of an emergency involving the facility.

UTDPD officers also may utilize their in-car loudspeaker to provide announcements and emergency commands to large crowds either outside or near doors and windows of a building.

Depending on which building is involved, a central intercom system may not exist, so it is important to listen for other instructions that may be delivered by police.

UTD Alert

Provide your cell phone number so that UT Dallas can send you text alerts in the event of an emergency or disruption to normal University operations.


Updated: June 24, 2011