The Veterans Lecture - "Maximizing Cognitive Empowerment of our Future Leaders"


Military service members and veterans are equipped with the strategies and tools to ensure they thrive in overwhelmingly adverse situations. Although they are engulfed in purpose and a mission-oriented mindset while in uniform, many warriors temporarily lose that sense of purpose and falter during their transition back into civilian life. Hear from two veterans who have fought their way through intense conflict overseas, battled the hardships of reintegration back at home, and discovered a renewed sense of purpose by helping bridge the military civilian divide.

KeeShaun Coffey and Mike Rials will share myths related to the signature wounds of our nation's most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI), and how training the brain like we train the body, empowers warriors to master their most valuable weapon – the brain. Their presentation will include a preview of the Center's scientifically validated, high performance brain training program that has been shown to support cognitive enhancement and life improvement in many populations including warriors, executives, teens, healthy adults and those with TBI. Additionally, KeeShaun and Mike will highlight how a holistic approach to adopting the right strategies and healthy brain habits can propel these warriors to lead the successful, fulfilling lives they deserve.

Ms. Juana Bordas

KeeShaun Coffey

As head of business development at the Center for BrainHealth's Brain Performance Institute, KeeShaun Coffey oversees the strategic growth and development of the organization and delivers high performance brain training to executives and warriors. Prior to joining the Brain Performance Institute, Coffey served in the Navy as a Religious Program Specialist.

Coffey served along-side Marines at The Officer Candidate School in Quantico, VA and with the Forward Deployed Naval Forces in Yokosuka, Japan. Coffey diligence in the organizing and planning of community service events ensured that his assigned vessel, the USS Cowpens, achieved the command goal for community relations, which he exceeded by logging more than 3,059 hours. His precise knowledge of budgeting and forecasting aided in the successful completion of 12 international community service events with orphanages within various countries while staying within budget.

During his tenure on the USS Cowpens, Coffey was the first Religious Program Specialist in the history of the USS Cowpens to receive his Master Helmsman's Qualification, safely guiding the billion-dollar vessel through several war-time operations and exercises including: Aegis Light Off, SRA, USW TSTA, TYCOM LOA, Combat Systems NAVCERT, ULTRA-E, Valiant Shield, Korean West Sea Operations, and Operation Keen Sword. After a successful tour in the military, Coffey earned a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas. His passion, selflessness and leadership were recognized in 2013 when Coffey was presented with the Congressional Veteran Commendation Award by Congressman Sam Johnson.

Ms. Juana Bordas

Mike Rials

Marine Corps veteran and Purple Heart recipient Sergeant Mike Rials is head of training operations for the Brain Performance Institute. He facilitates high performance brain training for warriors, corporate executives, athletes and others.

After four years with the Marine Corps, in which he was deployed on two Iraq tours and one Afghanistan tour, Sgt. Rials earned a bachelor of science in psychology with a minor in criminology. The invisible effects of the war on not only his fellow Marines, but also himself, motivated Rials to want to better understand the mind and improve the lives of other military service personnel.

After experiencing the meaningful, life-changing impact of the Center's Strategic Memory Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART) for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and magnetic stimulation therapy for post-traumatic stress (PTS), Rials joined the Center for BrainHealth staff in 2012. Prior to that, during his time as a student, he revitalized the languishing, four-member Veterans of Dallas at UT Dallas club and transformed it into an organization with more than 140 members. He successfully campaigned to establish the fully funded on-campus Veterans Center, which houses amenities for vets such as computers, work-study job opportunities, a lounge area and offices for Veterans Certified Officials.