Web Accessibility Guidelines

For Administrators

Common False Myths

  • The Web is a graphical medium, so there's no reason to worry about auditory or text-only users.
  • Accessible pages are too time consuming and costly to create.
  • Accessible Web authoring is too hard to learn.
  • Accessible pages are dull.
  • Assistive technology can completely solve the problem.

Important Points

  • World Health Organization, reports the number of persons with disabilities (excluding temporary disabilities) to be 500 million worldwide, 7-10% of the population (2000).
  • All electronic and information technology developed, procured, maintained, or used by Federal agencies must be comparably accessible to users with disabilities.
  • Accessible web design also helps minimize page loading times for all users.

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For Web Developers

Important Guidelines

  • Include descriptive alt attributes in all img tags.
  • Avoid depending solely on color to convey information.
  • Ensure web pages are readable without any style sheets.
  • Ensure web pages are usable with only a keyboard.
  • Use relative font sizes to allow users to resize text.
  • Test web pages with all of the popular web browsers.

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