How Five Comet Couples Found Love at UT Dallas

By Melissa Graham  |  February 11, 2020

A college degree isn’t the only thing UT Dallas grads often leave the University with. Read how these Comets met their significant others during their time as students.

Angel Hoang BS’17, MS’18 met her future husband, Jordan Anwer BS’18, MS’19, as a freshman in the Davidson Management Honors Program in 2014. The two began dating the following year while taking Naveen Jindal School of Management Professor Amy Troutman’s accounting class. The couple was married last October.

Angel Hoang BS’17, MS’18 and Jordan Anwer BS’18, MS’19


Jessica Christian BBA’19 and Evan Carter MBA’19 met one fateful day in October 2018 at Northside Drafthouse.

“We both graduated last year and were blessed to get to celebrate this achievement with our family and Jessica’s daughter, Lilah,” Carter said. “We have already taught Lilah how to Whoosh properly, and she is excited to attend UT Dallas when she is older!”


Evan Carter MBA’19 and Jessica Christian BBA’19 with Christian’s daughter, Lilah


Megan Rains BS’09, MS’10 and Justin Rains BS’09 met their freshman year of UT Dallas at the Waterview Apartments.

“I walked into a mutual friend’s apartment and saw him asleep on the couch,” she said. “A quick glance at his mini library told me we were on the same page.”

The two were married in 2013 and have two future Comets.


Megan Rains BS’09, MS’10 and Justin Rains BS’09 (center) on their wedding day

The Comet Café holds a special place in the hearts of Stefani Padron BA’17 and Luis Fuentes BS’17, who were introduced by mutual friend Marta Castaneda BS’17 at the eatery in 2014.

“Luis and I hung out a few more times, and the rest is history,” Padron said.

Last September, Padron and Fuentes got engaged, and the two are still good friends with Castaneda.

“I have UT Dallas to thank for my fiancé and my best friend,” Padron said.


Stefani Padron BA’17 and Luis Fuentes BS’17


Although they went to the same high school, Nicole Suarez BS’17 and Humberto Lopez BS’15 didn’t meet until becoming a part of the University’s Academic Bridge Program. The two became good friends, but didn’t start dating until Lopez graduated. The couple wed on June 8, 2018.


Humberto Lopez BS’15 and Nicole Suarez BS’17

If you and your significant other met at UT Dallas, and you’d like to share your story, send a photo with a brief description of how you met to [email protected]