Comet Couples Share Their Stellar Love Stories

By Melissa Graham  |  February 11, 2021

Whether they met in class or on campus, these Comet couples watched their love stories unfold as they earned more than their degrees. Below, we celebrate their partnerships in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Aishwarya Gupta MS’20 and Akshay Raju Krishnani MS’20 met in the spring semester of 2020 in a common coursework lecture. The two were introduced by a mutual friend as the group walked to the Comet shuttle.

“I thought, ‘He’s such an interesting guy – fun, full of spark and life,’” Gupta said.

The two had an impromptu Starbucks date on campus soon after, then started officially seeing each other. Last year, the couple got engaged and hope to get married soon.


Akshay Raju Krishnani (left) and Aishwarya Gupta MS’20


Joseph White BS’15 and Somaya Muna BS’17 met at UT Dallas in 2011 through Somaya’s roommate.

“We both lived in the same residence hallway and became best friends immediately,” Muna said. “Although all of our fellow UTD classmates were waiting for us to date already (even the dining hall staff had bets on us), we denied having any interest in dating until 2012.” 

A decade later, the couple has been happily married for six years and now have two kids.


Joseph White BS’15 and Somaya Muna BS’17


Yeliz Beyoglu BS’17 and Connor Christina BS’17 met freshman year in their chemistry lab. After dating for more than six years, Christina recently popped the question to an ecstatic Beyoglu.


Connor Christina BA’17 (left) and Yeliz Beyoglu BS’17


Bryce Rogers BS’09 and Cindy Seton-Rogers BA’09, MA’11 attended classes together at UT Dallas while dating. The couple tied the knot at the Crow Museum of Asian Art on March 9, 2008.

“We now have two children, our future Comets,” Seton said.


Bryce Rogers BS’09 and Cindy Seton-Rogers BS’09, MS’11


After meeting at the Plinth in 2015, Amandeep Singh MS’16 and Harsha Sharma MS’17 returned to campus three years later, where Singh proposed.

The couple is now happily engaged.


Amandeep Singh MS’16 and Harsha Sharma MS’17


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