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The University of Texas at Dallas Debate Team offers opportunities in two-person college policy debate. While most of our teams compete nationally, the UT Dallas Debate Team is open to any undergraduate student at UT Dallas who is officially enrolled and in good academic standing.

Competitive debate is a tool with a 2,500-year history at the heart of the Western intellectual tradition. Strong empirical and testimonial evidence suggest that debate teaches valuable skills such as persuasion, public speaking, research and ethics. Cross-Examination (CX) debate develops other valuable skills, such as critical thinking, listening, argument construction, and advocacy.

Overall, the intense nature of intercollegiate debate combined with the quality of students attracted and the inherent educational process of competitive debate, offers students unparalleled opportunities to enhance their academic experience, their professional skills and their interpersonal relationships.

Allocation of travel opportunities is based on demonstrated effort and commitment, prior debate experience, academic standing as well as service to the team. The bulk of the travel opportunities go to those competing on the national circuit at the varsity level and those varsity debaters who will soon move from the regional circuit to the national circuit.

Interested in collegiate debate at UT Dallas? Review the information available on this website, then complete the Join the Team online form to be contacted by a member of the coaching staff.