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The University of Texas at Dallas

Academic Dishonesty Referral Form

Academic Dishonesty Referral Form

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This form should be used by a faculty member when a violation of University policies on academic dishonesty is suspected and:

  • The cheating was directly witnessed by the faculty member or the faculty member has clear documentary evidence.
  • The cheating was not directly witnessed by the faculty member or the evidence is ambiguous, but after conferring with the student the faculty member determines the evidence supports the allegation.

Procedures to be followed in confronting a student are outlined in the UT Dallas Handbook of Operating Procedures. For further information please refer to the Faculty Guide for Managing Academic Dishonesty. Members of the Judicial Affairs staff are available for consultation if there are questions or concerns in this regard.

Reminder: The University must afford due process procedures to the accused student. Therefore, the student should be allowed to attend class and complete all assignments until the process has reached its conclusion. Until resolved, a final course grade of NR should be reported. All communication regarding this referral must remain confidential.