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Monday 8:00 am - 6 pm
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:00am - 7:30pm
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UT Dallas Counseling Center
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Requirements for Completion

This list is not exhaustive of the expectations for intern experiences. However, at a minimum for successful completion of the internship, interns are required to meet the following requirements:

  1. 500 Direct Service Hours
    Direct service includes individual, group, and couples counseling, crisis intervention, consultation with clients or concerned family members/staff/faculty, providing outreach services, providing supervision, leading a psycho-educational training to trainees or staff & connducting assessments.
  2. Quarterly Completion of the Intern Log which documents the 2000 hour internship and direct service requirements.
  3. Completion of Two Psychological Assessment Batteries The number and type of assessments in each battery may vary. At a minimum, a battery must include an intelligence and an achievement test, as well as a measure(s) of personality functioning.
  4. Participation in Six Outreach Activities
    Interns are expected to present in workshops, classroom presentations and awareness tables. In addition interns are expected to participate in four outreach activities such as creating an awareness table or presenting to a class.
  5. Completion of an Intern Individual Outreach Project
    Interns will complete an intern outreach project, approved by the Outreach Coordinator.
  6. Completion of Two Formal Case Presentations
    Interns write and present a formal case presentation once each semester in the Staff group supervision.
  7. Presentation of a Clinical Application
    Interns will present a two-hour clinical applications presentation in the Clinical Issues seminar to staff and fellow interns.
  8. Completion of Supervision of Supervision Paper
    Interns are expected to write a supervision reflection paper at the conclusion of their provision of supervision experience.
  9. Co-Facilitation of a Group with a Senior Staff Member
    At a minimum, interns are required to co-facilitate at least one group during their internship year.
  10. Successful Attainment of Minimum Thresholds for Identified Competencies on Evaluation Forms.

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