This list is not exhaustive of the expectations for intern experiences. However, at a minimum for successful completion of the internship, interns are required to meet the following requirements:

  1. 500 Direct Service Hours — Direct service includes individual, group, and couples counseling, crisis intervention, consultation with clients or concerned family members/staff/faculty, providing outreach services, providing supervision, leading psycho-educational trainings to trainees and staff & conducting assessments.
  2. Monthly Completion of the Intern Log which documents the 2,000-hour internship and direct service requirements.
  3. Completion of Eight Brief Psychological Assessments — At minimum, interns will complete two Personality Assessment Inventories (PAI), two ADHD Screenings, two Adult Asperger Assessments (AAA), and two additional assessments.
  4. Participation in Six Outreach Activities — Interns will be presenting in workshops, classroom presentations and representing the SCC at awareness tables. At least four of the outreach activities must be a presentation.
  5. Completion of an Intern Individual or Group Outreach Project — Interns will complete an intern outreach project, approved by the Outreach Coordinator.
  6. Completion of Two Formal Case Presentations — Interns write and present a formal case presentation once each semester in the Staff group supervision.
  7. Clinical Topic Presentations — Interns will present a clinical topic presentation to practicum students in the Practicum Training Seminar. Interns will also present a Clinical Applications presentation in the Clinical Issues seminar to staff and fellow interns.
  8. Completion of Supervision of Supervision Paper — Interns are expected to write a supervision reflection paper at the conclusion of their provision of supervision experience.
  9. Co-Facilitation of a Group with a Senior Staff Member — At a minimum, interns are required to co-facilitate at least two groups during their internship year.
  10. Successful Attainment of Minimum Thresholds for Identified Competencies on Evaluation Forms.