Lately, the 2019 novel Coronavirus has significantly impacted many people and families in China, Asia, and across the world. We express our deepest condolences to those we have lost. The travel ban and other policy changes also negatively affect our international students on campus. Unfortunately, we have been troubled to learn multiple discriminatory and xenophobic incidents on campus that target Chinese and Asian/Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community. Although fear for health-related concerns may be legitimate, it is deeply concerning to know that such fear often perpetuates discrimination against people of color. Simply put, mocking, stereotyping, or marginalizing international students and AAPI community causes stress and trauma and is never acceptable. Because of this, the Student Counseling Center condemns any actions that racialize infectious diseases against marginalized communities. We are available and planning to offer support for our students in this challenging time.

Please reach out to the Student Counseling Center at 972-883-2575 or visit our website for more information. You might also consider resources available through the Office of Intercultural Programs, the International Support Services Office and Student Health Center.

*Statement adapted from colleagues at UC Santa Barbara Counseling & Psychological Services.

Coronavirus Support Hour

Thursday, February 13, 2020
5:00-6:00 PM
SSB 4.600

Join us for a drop-in support hour to discuss the emotional impacts of the coronavirus on our community. UTD Student Counseling Center to ask questions about accessibility or request accommodations, please contact (972) 883-2575 or [email protected].

Comet Chat (Drop-In Consultation and Support)

If students are interested in speaking with a counselor informally* about mental health and learning more about our services, they may benefit from Comet Chat at our Residence Hall North Location (RHN 2.0S3). Comet Chat is a drop-in, brief (15-20 min) and confidential consultation with a mental health professional. Students can talk about concerns and receive support, perspective, resources, and suggestions about solutions. Appointments are free and seen on a first come, first serve basis. Comet Chat is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 1-4 pm at the Student Counseling Center Residence Hall North Location (RHN 2.0S3).

*Comet Chat is not a replacement for ongoing counseling or for students in crisis. Students who are experiencing a crisis or know they are interested in counseling services should continue to be referred to the SSB 4.600 location.

Global Connection: International Student Support Group

Mondays (2/24, 3/30, 4/27) 1:30-2:30pm
Location: International Student Center (SSB 3.107)

Join us to discuss what it's like being an international student at UTD and any challenges you are experiencing. We will explore ways to enhance your social, academic, and emotional experience at UTD! Come one time, or every time--it's up to you! Hosted by the Student Counseling Center and Intercultural Programs

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Resources for Responding to Concerns

UT Dallas Counseling Center After-Hours Hotline: 972‑UTD‑TALK (972-883-8255)

UT Dallas Community Resources