My Experience with the SAT Exam

At the time I had to take SAT it consisted of two major parts: the math and verbal part. Usually for an international student, the math section is not that hard. After having familiarized himself with basic math terms, I think that everyone with a decent math background should be able to do well on this part.

What I have found much more challenging was the verbal part. The fact that you are required to have almost as good a vocabulary as a native speaker is something that makes many international students give up right away. This is at least how I felt when I opened the SAT book the first time.

But after one month that I devoted to study the SAT, which I think is not enough, I was able to score between 500 and 600 on the verbal part on each practice test I took. In my opinion, if you study hard the SAT is not an insurmountable obstacle. Even though you are not a native speaker, you should be able to score very well.

IM Marko Zivanic
January, 2007