Student Chess Society

If you want to know a bishop from a knight, or if you’re working on the Sicilian, the student chess society is the place to improve your game. Students, faculty and staff of all skill levels gather for recreational chess Fridays at 2:30 - 5:30 p.m. Please check the meeting schedule to verify location. Meetings are free and open to the public — join at your convenience.

Please note that there is a difference between the internationally competitive chess team and the recreational student chess society. The student chess society provides hobbyist players with a leisurely game of chess in a social environment. For more information about meetings and activities, please contact Suhasini Sundar, president of the UT Dallas Student Chess Society.

Meetings & Officers

Student Chess Society Officers 2017 - 2018

President: Suhasini Sundar

Vice President: Kacper Drozdowski

Treasurer: Eylon Nakar

Social & Sports Coordinator: Titas Stremavicius

Public Relations: Ram Nandula

Media Officer: Zurabi Javakhadze

Meeting Schedule

Fall 2017
All Meetings in Founders (FO) 1st floor West Hallway

Chess Puzzle

This game is interactive and can be played without leaving this page.

Move a piece by placing your mouse cursor over it, dragging the piece to a square, and releasing. You will either be told it is the correct answer or the wrong answer.

If the puzzle does not allow you to make a move, then it is an illegal move which is not permitted. Try again.