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Would you like to graduate in four years? Do you want to know exactly what courses to take and the appropriate time to take them? If so, you've come to the right place.

In this page you will find important information such as your degree plan, and pertinent information regarding the required laboratory courses. It is important to understand when these courses are offered in order to not delay your graduation plans. This in no way should substitute for an advisor. Meeting regularly with your advisor can be a great benefit when it comes to plotting course work for your specific educational goals. It is valuable to know where you are in the matriculation process.

Your academic advisor is available to assist you in designing an appropriate course of study that will satisfy requirements for graduation. All students seeking a Bachelor's degree should meet at least annually with their academic advisor to discuss degree requirements, course selection, time management, study skills, difficulties with coursework, career opportunities, and personal problems. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

Your Advisor / Degree Plans

Please refer to the Undergraduate Advising website to find out your assigned advisor.

Chemistry Laboratory Courses

There are four laboratory courses beyond the sophomore level Organic Chemistry sequence. These courses teach unique skills necessary for a chemist. The four laboratory courses are:

  • Quantitative Analysis (CHEM 2401) Fall and Spring

Theory and practice of volumetric, gravimetric, and spectroscopic methods. Prereq: CHEM 1312 and 1112.

  • Instrumental Analysis (CHEM 3472) Spring only

Basic processes, instrumentation and applications of many spectroscopic methods. Emphasis will be placed upon acquisition, treatment, and interpretation of data and report writing. Prereq: CHEM 2401.

  • Advanced Synthesis (CHEM 3471) Fall only

Learn techniques and skills to obtain and purify high yield synthesis for both organic and inorganic reactions. Prereq: CHEM 2325 and 2125.

  • Physical Measurements (CHEM 4473) Spring only

Thermodynamics and physical properties of matter. Prereq: CHEM 3472 and 3411.


Notice both the prerequisites for each course and when the course is offered.
Biochemistry majors are required to take CHEM 2401 and CHEM 3472.
Chemistry B.S. majors are required to take all four laboratory courses.


  • Updated: December 22, 2010