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The PhD program is designed to produce graduates with a focus on innovation and problem solving in current materials, biotechnology, and industrial process research and development. These graduates, with their broad course background, research skills, and practical attitudes should find ready employment in industry or academic positions. A spectrum of courses provides the student with a broad knowledge of chemistry.

The Master of Science program offers students the opportunity to prepare for positions in industry, for further training in related scientific fields, or for further training in chemistry.

Degree Requirements

The University's general degree requirements are discussed here.

Graduate students in chemistry are expected to demonstrate fundamental
knowledge of lecture and laboratory skills by completing the following
courses with a grade of B or better.

Core Courses (12 semester hours)

CHEM 5314 Advanced Physical Chemistry
CHEM 5331 Advanced Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 5341 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I
CHEM 5355 Analytical Techniques I

Master of Science

A minimum of 30 total graduate semester hours is required.
The M.S. degree can be pursued on a full- or part-time basis.

Other Course Requirements

The remaining requirements beyond the 12-hour core listed above may be
satisfied in one of the two ways listed below.

  1. Presentation and defense of a written master's thesis. The student must
    complete, as a minimum, 15 credit hours of research or other graduate
    electives plus CHEM 8398. A Supervising Committee will be appointed to guide
    the student's thesis work and to assess the completed thesis.
  2. Completion of an approved internship in an industrial or governmental
    laboratory. The student must complete, as a minimum, 18 credit hours of
    research, chemistry internship or other graduate electives.

Three of the graduate semester hours beyond the core may be fulfilled by
taking an approved graduate elective course.

A Supervising Committee must approve an internship in advance. The final
written report must be defended before this committee and filed in the
Chemistry department office.

Doctor of Philosophy

Normally pursued by full-time students enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit
hours of approved graduate level courses per semester.

Other Course Requirements

In addition to the 12-semester hour core course requirements listed above,
students seeking the Ph.D. degree must take two upper level elective courses
that are approved by the student's faculty research advisor and the
Chemistry Graduate Advisor. Ph.D. students are expected to complete these
six required courses within the first two years of their enrollment. CHEM
8399 is also required as part of the preparation of the dissertation.
Additional courses may be required by the student's Supervisory Committee.

Well-prepared students may request substitution of portions of the course
requirements from the Committee on Graduate Studies in Chemistry. At least
three organized courses must be taken at the University of Texas at Dallas.
The opportunity exists to take elective courses during their second and
subsequent years.

Qualifying Examination: Original Research Proposal

All Ph.D. students must take the qualifying exam.In the second year,
students seeking the Ph.D. degree are required to write, present, and defend
an original research proposal. In addition to providing valuable experience
to the student, this exam is used to assess the student's originality and
skills in organizing an effective approach to solving a novel problem. The
results of this examination will be one criterion upon which admission to
doctoral candidacy will be judged.

Notice: The online version of the Graduate Catalog is the official version and takes precedence over this website.

Students are held individually responsible for complying with all requirements of the rules and regulations of the University and the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System.

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