Polycraft World – A Minecraft Mod from UT Dallas

Learning through the game

UTD Polycraft Team:

Dr. Eric Kildebeck, Dr. Robert (Joey) Steininger, Stephen Goss, Grace McClure Topete and Daniel Zanotti

This project involves UTD undergraduate students and is led by Dr. Eric Kildebeck.

Polycraft World is a comprehensive mod for Minecraft that features petrochemical refining, harvesting of new ore types and the construction of polymers, plastics and specialty items. More information can be found here at: https://polycraft.utdallas.edu/index.php?title=Main_Page

With “Polycraft World,” the millions of “Minecraft” players worldwide are now able to incorporate the properties of many materials — chemical elements and compounds — into game action.

Read the press release from UT Dallas about the Minecraft Modification: UT Dallas Team Infuses Polymer Chemistry into ‘Minecraft’ Modification

Read the press release from UT Dallas about winning the DARPA AWARD:

Polycraft Team Wins DARPA Grant To Lay Groundwork for Smarter Artificial Intelligence