Why Hire Interns?

Employers who host interns can benefit from the chance to meet enthusiastic and committed students who will be looking to start their careers after they graduate. Some specific ways that an organization can benefit from this arrangement include:

  • Year-round source of highly motivated, well-prepared short-term employees
  • Cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential long-term employees
  • Increased name recognition of the employer on the UT Dallas campus
  • Labor and skills available to complete special projects
  • Fresh approach to an existing problem
  • Facilitate partnerships between the employer and the university

Hosting interns can be a time-consuming prospect. Someone at the organization must be able to supervise and mentor the students, answer their questions, teach them about the field of work, and possibly complete paperwork required by the university. This can actually hinder an employer's own workflow at times.

Despite the extra time, energy, and resources that may be needed, the benefits listed above demonstrate good reasons for participating in an internship program. Employers can also feel good about helping students determine their career paths and make informed decisions about their futures.