Student Union Recruiting Table

A Student Union Recruiting Table is available for an employer to present information about employment opportunities posted through Handshake. To reserve a table, please contact the Career Center Recruiting Coordinator at 972-883-6934; a one-week advance notice is required to reserve the table. Limited to one employer table per day.

A Student Union Recruiting Table is for the sole purpose of presenting employment information about an organization. Listed below are statements which each representative of an organization must adhere to during their visit to the UT Dallas campus.

All statements are governed by the Handbook of Operating Procedures Title V *. The Career Center or Student Union staff reserves the right to restrict or refuse an organization's request for a Student Union Recruiting Table.

In addition, an organization may be asked to leave the premises if found to be in violation after set up has occurred.

Statements of proper Student Union Recruiting Table procedures

  • Organization name will be identified on all materials
  • Material will not promote an off-campus business, organization, agency, national association, or charitable group
  • Material is not obscene, libelous, or directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is not likely to invite or produce such action
  • The sponsoring organization sign (Career Center) must be prominently displayed on top of the table at all time
  • Due to a contractual agreement the University of Texas at Dallas has with Wells Fargo, no other financial/banking organization is permitted to reserve a Recruiting Table
  • Pedestrian traffic will not be obstructed
  • Disruption or disturbance of regular academic and institutional programs or other approved activities is prohibited
  • Individuals may not be accosted, shouted at, forced to purchase items or required to complete an organization's survey
  • The Recruiting Table will be for the express purpose of recruiting employees for employment opportunities posted through Handshake
  • Agreement to maintain the cleanliness of the area
  • Agreement to assume financial responsibility for loss or damage to property

If, after reviewing and agreeing to uphold these procedures, you remain interested in securing a reservation for a Student Union Recruiting Table, please contact the Career Center Recruiting Coordinator at (972) 883-6934 at least one week prior to your intended campus date.

* Handbook of Operating Procedures Title V: Subchapter B. Prohibited Expression: Sections 46.07 - Solicitation; Subchapter C. General Rules or Mean of Expression: 46.10 - Coercing Attention; Subchapter D. Distribution of Literature: 46.15 - Limits of Advertising, 46.16 - Identification; Subchapter F. Tables: 46.22 - General Rules on Tables, 46.24 - Indemnification, 46.25 - Clean up Around Tables.