Externship/Job Shadowing Program

Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with UT Dallas students!

An externship is a job shadowing opportunity in which students are able to network with industry professionals, learn about the typical work environment of a career field of interest and investigate a potential career pathway.

This program provides undergraduate students with a structured, hands-on opportunity to experience the "World of Work," without the long-term commitment of an internship or job.

Participating as an Externship/Job Shadowing Sponsor could help a student clarify career goals and introduce them to a possible future employer...you!

What is the externship/job shadowing program?

  • Formal job shadowing program for undergraduate students, giving them an opportunity to explore the "World of Work"
  • Held during Spring Break
  • As a program sponsor, you agree to host an extern for 1-5 days (unpaid)
  • You will arrange activities for your externs: facility tours, informational interviews, attendance at staff meetings, observance of client activities, learning organizational policies and procedures, reviewing organizational literature, assistance with actual projects and completing office tasks, etc.

How can my organization/company benefit?

  • FREE exposure and increased visibility of organization to students at UT Dallas
  • Easy way to build and maintain relationships with the UT Dallas Career Center

For more information, contact the UT Dallas Career Center Employer Relations Team at 972-883-2943.