On-Campus Jobs

How to Apply

  1. Log in to your Handshake account
  2. Click on Jobs and use the On-Campus and/or Work Study filters
  3. Read job descriptions carefully
  4. Submit required documents to apply
  5. You will be contacted if you are selected for the next stage

F-1 Visa Students please note that you are eligible to work on-campus (part-time 20 hours per week) NON-WORK STUDY jobs during school sessions (Fall and Spring) and full-time during the summer or official university holiday breaks.

Work eligibilty letters may be requested from the International Student Services Office. You may work in indicated positions for as long as you continue to make academic progress toward your degree.

PLEASE NOTE: On-campus positions listed through the Career Center are NOT benefit eligible. Benefit eligible positions are handled through the UTD Human Resources Department.

Work-Study Jobs

College work-study is a financial aid program funded by the federal and/or state governments and is awarded to students based upon financial need by the Financial Aid Office. If you qualify for work-study funds, you must obtain a job to utilize the funds. Apply for work-study positions through your Handshake account.

On-campus or off-campus community service employment opportunities may be available for students who have qualified for work-study. If you qualify, you will see available opportunities when you search for Work Study Jobs via your Handshake account.

F-1 Visa Students Please Note: College Work-Study Jobs are available only to US citizens, permanent residents, temporary legal residents, asylees, and refugees; therefore, you are not eligible to apply for any on- or off-campus jobs listed as a work-study.

Student Employee of the Year Program

Our student employees provide a valuable service to the University, and we like to express our appreciation to our student workers by providing this annual event. The Career Center coordinates the Annual Student Employee of the Year Program, including a celebration to honor all student employees at the University.

This event takes place during the second full week in April (this date coincides with the National Student Employment Association(NSEA) Student Employment Week), and includes a reception for our Student Employees. The reception inlcudes a lunch and give-a-ways from local vendors. The Student Employee of the Year Award winners are presented their awards individually.

Check out our Student Employee of the Year page for more information.