Internship Policies

The Career Center has developed these policies to ensure that UT Dallas students are afforded with the best internship experiences possible. It is important for employers to understand that any position posted as an internship must have a learning component and must not be considered a "business opportunity".

"Business opportunities" are defined as positions that are paid strictly on commission, require an initial investment or cash deposit, or require that inventory or product must be purchased for resale.

An internship position:

  • Provides supervision for students on a regular, in-person basis.
  • Provides valid learning opportunities, with no more than 20% of the job duties including repetitive or clerical work.
  • Is located in a commercial setting and not in a private residence or home office. No virtual or remote internships are permitted.
  • Does not require students to make investments or initial cash deposits.
  • Does not involve students purchasing inventory or product for resale.
  • Is not structured so that students have financial liability for the work of others.
  • Is not paid strictly on commission; however, in cases where commission is involved, there must be additional compensation and a structured learning component.
  • Is not an independent contractor position on 1099.
  • Is at least 8 hours per week.

If an employer has a position to post that does not follow the policies outlined above, the position may be posted as a part-time or full-time job opportunity instead. Please contact us.