Cover Letters  and  Thank-You Notes

You may be required to write a number of different types of letters during your job search process. Job search correspondence is just as important as your resume. Many job seekers hurry through the letter writing process without much thought. Every piece of correspondence impacts the impression you make on the employer.

What is a Cover Letter?

Cover letter is a standard term that refers to any letter written to accompany another document. As it relates to a job search, a cover letter is usually written to accompany your resume or other application materials that you send to employers to convey your interest and qualifications for a specific position.

Content and Tone of a Cover Letter

The cover letter that accompanies your resume should not re-state everything that appears on your resume; it should supplement your resume by explaining what you are applying for, how you learned of the position and what you can do for the employer. Use the cover letter to highlight your strengths and abilities and your most relevant experience in no more than three to four paragraphs.

Show your enthusiasm for the job or internship and use an active, conversational tone. State what interests you about the position and what you have done in previous jobs, volunteer experiences or academic projects that might show the employer you are a good fit for the position.

"Cover Letter Packet"

Cover Letter Critique

Currently enrolled students and registered alumni may receive assistance on their cover letter in one of the following ways:

  • Drop-In Critiques are available Monday-Friday in various locations across campus, see the most recent schedule.
  • Email your cover letter to [email protected]. This process can take up to five (5) business days.

Thank-You Notes

It is also important to remember to write a thank-you letter to the employer after your interviews. Thank-you letters give you the opportunity to remind the employer of your interest, qualifications, how you would fit in with the company, and of any additional information that you omitted during the interview. Your thank-you letter should be sent within one or two days of the interview, it should be brief, businesslike, and grammatically correct and targeted.