Tram Ngo


Year in School:   Senior

Major: MIS

Graduation Date: May 2013


Externship Company/Organization Name: Junior Achievement of Dallas

Dates/Times of Externship: Spring Break 2012


Tram Ngo spent the week of spring break in an externship with Junior Achievement of Dallas, which she describes as a “non-profit organization that creates programs to educate young children about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, workplace readiness” and more. As an MIS major, the experience gave Tram insight into a different type of work setting. Part of the beauty of the Explore the WOW! program is that students can explore fields outside of their major, and do not necessarily have to stick with positions that would normally be associated with that major.

During her time there she got to experience an office environment and build transferable skills. She learned “how to work effectively and how to organize [her] priorities in order to meet deadlines and projects”.

She urges other students to “appreciate the chance that you have with the job shadowing experience,” as “it may help you a lot in figuring out your career path”. Tram plans to do a summer internship, and the skills she honed during the job shadowing experience will benefit her in any professional setting.

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