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School of Interdisciplinary Studies

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies is a dynamic engine of opportunity. Whether a student wants to combine health care and business studies or needs a push to even imagine that a college education is a possibility, we make it happen. We provide powerful opportunities for students who will be tomorrow’s innovators, entrepreneurs and unconventional thinkers.

A student’s interests—and an employer’s needs—often drive beyond the boundaries of any one degree program. The School of Interdisciplinary Studies encourages students to follow their dreams and fashion their own academic concentrations. Students also can choose from the School’s specialized course offerings in fields like American Studies and Gender Studies. The result is an education unique to UTD and unique to each particular student.

Innovative programs to unleash potential

Our concept of opportunity also is multidimensional. Our Academic Bridge program recruits and supports first-generation college students and other underrepresented or disadvantaged individuals with high potential. Students jump-start their studies with a summer session before their freshman year and receive ongoing support throughout college. The program works so well that Academic Bridge students graduate at a rate above the overall University graduation rate and far above state and national averages.

Our Kids’ University experience brings local homeless children to campus each summer to spark the belief that they can achieve a higher education. Our Teacher Development Center certifies teachers from all University disciplines so they can go on to successful careers in Texas public schools, influencing new generations of students.

Invest in the future

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies strives to excel at providing access and opportunity for an exceptional, customized UT Dallas education. To do this, we must support scholarships and stipends for interdisciplinary studies and across-the-board funding for highly successful projects that open the door to higher education. With your support, we can seize the opportunities that will shape our future.

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Learn how you can help the School of Interdisciplinary Studies deliver on a bold vision. Download the School’s campaign brochure, visit the School’s website, or contact Development and Alumni Relations at 972-883-2295.