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Center for BrainHealth

The Center for BrainHealth is committed to changing lives for the better now. This unique collaboration is making exceptional progress in understanding how the brain best learns and reasons, protecting the brain from unnecessary cognitive decline and healing the brain through treatments that regenerate function.

Founded in 1999, the Center is focused on interdisciplinary research that produces immediate and effective clinical impact. Our all-encompassing goal is to build the strongest possible brain from childhood throughout the lifespan. Our acclaimed cognitive neuroscience experts are dedicated to discovering ways to build resilience, regain cognitive function and retrain the brain to maximize its amazing potential.

Changing how we think about the brain

The Center is making enormous strides in improving brain health and in identifying and treating brain injury and disease over a wide range of vital areas. We’re helping military service members optimize brain function, researching new ways to stave off dementia and pioneering ways to care for traumatic brain injury in children. We’re teaching educators how to help teens think strategically, and we’re studying sports-related brain injuries.

Over the past 10 years, we have learned more about how the brain works than ever before. More than 60 Center for BrainHealth programs are promoting robust brain health and fitness. We now know that our ability to understand, protect and heal our brains can and will be extraordinary.

Invest in the future

Center for BrainHealth priorities for the future focus on three areas—brain health, brain injury, and brain disease. From Alzheimer’s disease and autism to social cognition and stroke, we will continue to grow and enhance our landmark research and clinical applications and increase our outreach. With your support, we can seize the opportunities that will shape our future.

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Learn how you can help the Center for BrainHealth deliver on a bold vision. Download the Center’s campaign brochure, visit the Center’s website, or contact Kimber Hartmann, Director of Development, at 972-883-3406 or