David E. Daniel, President

At UT Dallas, change and progress are constants. Whether we are welcoming another record-breaking freshman class, building more facilities for education and research, creating more cutting-edge degree programs or planting thousands of new trees, this is an institution that truly embraces change.

While that change is all around us, one thing that has remained constant for nearly five decades is our commitment to realizing the vision of our founders. UT Dallas will soon become one of the world’s leading research universities. Our objective and our expectation is nothing less than that. The only uncertainty is when—not whether—we fulfill this vision.

We are already well on the way. At UT Dallas, our achievements have never been greater, our learning community never stronger, and our contributions to the community, the state and the nation never larger. Year after year we set records for academic, research and development progress. We have transformed the campus. Our students, graduates and faculty represent exceptional quality. Our national and international rankings and recognition continue to rise. Each day, the momentum of our progress to Tier One and beyond accelerates.

Dallas–Fort Worth and Texas critically need the people and outcomes that result from our growth. Our region is the only one of America’s 10 most economically productive cities without an Association of American Universities (AAU)–designated Tier One research university—the invitation-only group of the nation’s most prestigious research universities.

Dallas–Fort Worth’s present, to say nothing of our future, demands flexibility, innovation, intelligence and bold action. AAU institutions attract people with these characteristics at a scale few other universities can match. UT Dallas is clearly on this path, just as our founders envisioned, but ensuring D–FW’s continued success in today’s globally competitive environment requires us to move forward ever faster.

UT Dallas is in a unique position to lead an explosion of ideas, investments and success in our region. But none of this will happen without the power of your commitment and generosity. We need you to join us in fulfilling our founders’ vision. A global competition for the best and the brightest, for ideas and advances, and for home-grown economic development is under way. With your investment in our future, and the people and facilities that make it possible, UT Dallas can answer tomorrow’s challenges and seize today’s opportunities. Together, we can Realize the Vision.

David E. Daniel President