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Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Preverbal Communication Projects

The Preverbal Communication Projects focus on the acquisition of early communication skills in children who have severe developmental and communicative impairments. Populations currently studied include children who are deafblind and have additional developmental disabilities and children on the autism spectrum. 

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Dr. Robert Stillman
Callier Center for Communication Disorders
1966 Inwood Rd.
Dallas, TX 75235
(214) 905-3060 office
(214) 905-3006 fax

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Callier Center Dallas, Room A.131

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CIDS Assessment Project
The CIDS project is designed around an assessment instrument developed by Robert Stillman, Michelle McFarland and Jennifer McGlothlin. The instrument is used to monitor change in preverbal children on the autism spectrum and to attempt to identify subgroups of children who might benefit from different intervention approaches.

Validation of Evidence-Based Assessment Strategies to Promote Achievement in Children who are DeafBlind (Funded by the U.S. Department of Education.)
This project investigates the procedures and instruments used to assess young children who are deafblind.  Data gathered include evaluation of assessment instruments using a nationwide survey of practitioners, parents and practitioner evaluations of the assessment process, contrastive studies in which different instruments were used to assess the same child, and item analysis of assessment instruments. 

Project collaborators include:

  • Dr. Charity Rowland (Project Director), Oregon Health and Sciences Center, Portland, OR
  • Dr. Deborah Chen, California State University at Northridge
  • Dr. Harvey Mar, New Alternatives for Children, Inc., New York, NY

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Current Students

Communication Disorders Master’s Program 
Jessica Dallas
Kate Oatis
Becky Stoltz

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Efrat Estrov
Megan Gauthey
Alison Ledesma
Shehnaz Lalani
Erin LaRue
Cristina Payne

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U.S. Department of Education (O.S.E.R.S.)

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