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Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Host an Event/Fundraiser

Hosting an event or fundraiser is fun and rewarding, and our team is happy to help you along the way. For more information, or to schedule your event, please contact Shanon Patrick at 214-905-3084.

Ideas to consider:

  • Participate in a team that invites friends and colleagues to an existing Callier event;
  • Host an introductory event at your office, home, community organization or place of worship;
  • Create a fundraising event or activity to generate funds for Callier (such as a raffle, bake sale, auction, dinner party, walk/run, birthday honorariums).

Plano Boys Donate Birthday Wishes to Callier Center

Grant Robbins, 8, and Garrett, 6, asked their friends to make donations to Callier, in lieu of birthday gifts. The boys’ friends donated close to $400, which was then matched by Renee and Greg Robbins, their parents.

Grant and Garrett, along with little brother Gavin, 2, have worked with Callier speech language pathologists for several years. Clinicians helped the boys, students at Plano’s Barksdale Elementary School, to overcome speech articulation disorders. Since undergoing therapy, the boys are talking much more clearly, and their “confidence has soared,” Mr. Robbins said.

"Callier has been like a second family to us over these last four years," Mrs. Robbins said. "The Callier team has always been there for us, reassuring us that we would get through this, and our boys would be fine." Read the Full Story.

Robbins Family

From left: Dr. Thomas Campbell, Dr. David E. Daniel; Renee and Greg Robbins; with the Robbins children, Garrett, Gavin and Grant.