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Callier Center for Communication Disorders

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Foundation Hosted Sixth Annual Callier Cares Luncheon

The sixth annual Callier Cares Luncheon raised more than $280,000 to benefit patients in need through the Callier Care Fund. We appreciate honorary chairman Lisa Troutt and luncheon chair Emilynn Wilson for making this event a tremendous success. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to our wonderful luncheon host committee, our generous supporters and our loyal sponsors. Please save the date for next year's luncheon on Tuesday, April 17, 2018.

Dr. Kern Wildenthal was honored with the 2017 Ruth and Ken Altshuler Callier Care Award. The annual award is presented to an individual or group who has contributed significantly to the betterment of the community and to advancing the care of patients with communication disorders.

As president of UT Southwestern Medical Center from 1986 to 2008, Dr. Wildenthal helped build the institution into one of the foremost medical centers in the world. Dr. Wildenthal nurtured a relationship between UT Southwestern and the Callier Center that resulted in collaborations including the Callier Child Development Program, the Cochlear Implant Program, and a joint program to evaluate and treat children with autism. Read more

Dr. Kern Wildenthal, Dr. Ken Altshuler, Dr. Tom Campbell
Dr. Kern Wildenthal, Dr. Ken Altshuler and Dr. Tom Campbell

Dr. Sharon Kujawa and Dr. Tom Campbell
Dr. Sharon Kujawa and Dr. Tom Campbell

Dr. Sharon Kujawa was honored with the 2017 Callier Prize in Communication Disorders. The biennial award recognizes individuals from around the world for their leadership in fostering scientific advances and significant developments in the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders.

Dr. Kujawa studies how aging and noise exposure can impact hearing. Her more recent research on hidden hearing loss has initiated what is widely regarded to be a paradigm shift, shaping the way researchers, clinicians, occupational, military and public health personnel think about and assess noise-induced and age-related hearing loss and inner ear injury. The work could have major implications for federal exposure guidelines designed to protect humans against noise-induced injury. Read more


Lisa Cooley, Lisa Troutt, Emilynn WilsonLindalynn Adams and Barbara StuartLinus Wright and Joyce Wright

Left to right: 1. Lisa Cooley, Lisa Troutt, Emilynn Wilson 2. Lindalyn Adams and Barbara Stuart 3. Linus Wright and Joyce Wright

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