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The University of Texas at Dallas

Donor Appreciation

On behalf of patients and families, clinicians, faculty, researchers and students, thank you for your generous support.

Your gift gives:

  • a child a voice, the ability to hear, the opportunity to develop relationships, the potential for academic and employment success.
  • a researcher a lab, equipment, technology and time to conduct advanced research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders.
  • a student the opportunity to learn from faculty and clinicians which prepares him/her to care for future patients.

Your gift makes a difference by transforming lives, one person at a time, which makes YOU a gift to Callier. For your kindness and compassion, we are deeply grateful and truly inspired. Thank you for being you!

Thank you

Thank you for making a difference
in my life!


  • Individuals
  • Corporations, Foundations and Other Organizations
  • Anonymous
    Ruth Alhilali
    Ruth and Ken Altshuler
    Nelly and Conrad Alvarez
    Susanna and Sam Alvarez
    Melissa Alvarez
    Paula Austell
    Cyndi Bassel
    Charles and Margaret Billman
    Janice Goodwin Bleakley
    Jane and Donald Bowles
    George W. and Lorena F. Briggs Fund of
    The Dallas Foundation
    Alice and Michael Brown
    Elizabeth Brown
    Dr. Tom Campbell
    Jordan Canafax
    Nancy Carter
    Jackie and Thomas Clark
    Karen Clark
    Julie and Dwight Clasby
    Dr. Carol Cokely
    Dr. and Mrs. Aaron T. Conley
    Lisa and Thomas Connop
    Gail Corder
    Marcia Crouch
    Richard Davis
    Lucinda Dean
    Dr. Chris Dollaghan
    Larissa Doss
    Edward J. Earle
    Dr. Kyle Edgington
    Wanda and George Farr
    Dr. Marianne Fazen
    Piper R. Fisherman
    Jennifer Fowler
    Tricia M. George
    Bruce Gerrity
    Kay Giesecke
    Gollis Family
    Robert Goodman
    Marsha Gordon
    Shannon Hammel
    Beth Harben
    Lynda and Jackson Harrell
    Cindy and Stephanie Harris
    Mercedes and Al Herman
    Renee Jansen
    Beulah Johnson
    Nancy and Peder Jones
    Terri Jones
    A. Helen Kenedi
    Leslie Kennedy
    The Kersey Family
    Anna LeBlanc
    Patty Lee
    Jan Lougeay
    Dr. Colleen Le Prell and Mr. Glenn Le Prell
    Kate Lundborg
    Dr. Jeff Martin
    Sara and David Martineau
    Lesley and William Martinelli
    Sharon Mathews
    Pat Mattingly
    Jennifer and John Mayes
    Jenny McGlothlin
    Sher and Steve Miller
    Twyla Mills
    Suresh Mayampully
    Kathleen and Richard Neely
    Jodelle Oakley
    Lauraine O'Neil
    Shanon and Michael Patrick
    Donise and Steve Pearson
    Sally and Thomas Perryman
    Deborah and David Peyton
    Dr. Joyce Pickering
    Jane and Charles Pierce
    Jane Purcel
    Scott Purcel
    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Reed
    Kersten Rettig
    Ka Riley
    Amanda Rockow
    Mary Roffino
    Susan Rogers
    Dr. Raul Rojas
    Deedie and Rusty Rose
    Phil Roth
    Johanna Rudolph
    Kristen Scheirman
    William Schultze
    Meredith Scrugg
    Linda Sensibaugh
    Kristi Shewmaker
    Robert J. Shewmaker
    Angela Shoup Ph.D.
    Glenda Shuler
    Dave Simcoe
    Addison Smith
    LaRuth Smith
    Patty Sode
    David Spencer
    Ellen Stellburg
    Dr. Michael Stevener
    John Sturkie
    Melissa and Ben Sweeney
    Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Thoele
    Kathryn and Clem Thrift
    Nicole Toomey
    Peter Townsend
    Dr. Anne van Kleeck
    Mary Jo Venetis
    Curt Wade
    Diane Walsh
    Doris Walton
    Mrs. Cindy Ward
    Dr. Andrea Warner-Czyz
    Pamela Wehner
    Michael Williams
    Gayle Wilson
    Dr. Lee Wilson
    Joyce and Linus Wright

  • The Aileen and Jack Pratt Foundation
    Foundation for the Callier Center And Communication Disorders
    The Gom Education & Technology Institute
    Hanson Robotics
    Johnson Family Living Trust
    RoboKind Robots
    Speedway Children's Charities at Texas Motor Speedway
    United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

This list applauds the generous donors who have made a difference at the Callier Center through their contributions in the 2016 fiscal year. Recognition is for outright gifts and pledge payments received between September 1, 2015 and August 31, 2016. Every effort is made to ensure the accurate recognition of donors; however, if you were omitted from this year's list, please call the Office of Development at 214-905-3097.