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Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Donor Appreciation

On behalf of patients and families, clinicians, faculty, researchers and students, thank you for your generous support.

Your gift gives:

  • a child a voice, the ability to hear, the opportunity to develop relationships, the potential for academic and employment success.
  • a researcher a lab, equipment, technology and time to conduct advanced research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders.
  • a student the opportunity to learn from faculty and clinicians which prepares him/her to care for future patients.

Your gift makes a difference by transforming lives, one person at a time, which makes YOU a gift to Callier. For your kindness and compassion, we are deeply grateful and truly inspired. Thank you for being you!

Thank you

Thank you for making a difference
in my life!


  • Individuals
  • Corporations, Foundations and Other Organizations
  • Anonymous

    Jenna A. Abante

    J. Michelle Abuda

    Ashleigh Abusomwan

    Lindalyn Adams

    Tayo Addo

    Khadijah Y. Adenwala

    Yaw Adu

    Ruth and Ken Altshuler

    Kirsten L. Anderson

    Lori Andrus

    Jill and Tony Arredondo

    Paula and Charles Austell

    Edward C. Bailey

    Lee Bailey

    Morgan Baldwin

    Candice Bartle

    Cyndi Bassel

    Duaa Bayan

    Judy Bazarsky

    Meredith Bell

    Jayden Bernal

    Trudy and Chuck Best

    Debbie Birdwell

    Patricia A. Bissell

    India Blake

    Pamela Blake

    Andrew J. Blanchard

    Jill Blevins

    Elizabeth M. Boeckman

    Jane and Donald Bowles

    Stacey and Hon. Dan Branch

    Crystal Brasington

    Paula L. Bratt

    Diane Brierley

    Thelma Brooks

    Alice and Michael Brown

    Elizabeth Brown

    Jan R. Brown

    Carole Lou Bruton

    Helen Burnell

    Pam Busbee

    Joan and John Calhoun

    Dr. Thomas F. Campbell

    Jackie Carlson

    Brenda Carney

    B. G. Carter

    Bitsy and Harold Carter

    Nancy S. Carter

    Margaret Cervin

    Alex Charles

    Susan Chizeck

    Dr. Jackie L. Clark

    Karen Clark

    Lauren Clark

    Julie and Dwight Clasby

    April Clements

    Jill W. Cohn

    Dr. Carol Cokely

    Kortysheima L. Coleman

    Tyree Collier

    Kim Concillado

    Dr. Aaron T. Conley

    Thomas A. Connop

    Lisa and Clay Cooley

    Jeffrey Cooper

    Annette A. Corman

    Jan D. Crespi

    Betsy and Bennett Cullum

    Dorothy B. Cullum

    Sally and Mark Cullum

    Sissy Cullum

    Carolyn and Tom Curtis

    Ngoc Dao

    Deb and Greg Day

    Brenda Smith and Michael DeFrank

    Drs. Kirsten Fischer-Lindahl and Johann Deisenhofer

    Cary B. Delmark

    Carolyn R. Dickson

    Leslie Diers

    Dr. Christine Dollaghan

    Lissie Donosky

    Margaret Dowd

    Laura M. Downing

    Laura W. Downing

    David A. Dunaway

    Kelly and Paul Dybala

    Ann and Bob Dyer

    Edward J. Earle

    Kyle Edgington

    Eleanor Eidels

    Louise Eiseman

    Nitya Eleti

    Marlon Ellis

    Claire Emanuelson

    Emma and James Epps

    Dr. and Mrs. Henry Estess

    Ginny Eulich

    Kerry and Michael Fagelman

    Wanda and George Farr

    Dr. Marianne Fazen

    Patrick R. Fenn

    Laura R. Finkel

    Mary Clare Finney

    Gail Corder Fischer

    Dr. Susan Fleming

    Jenifer Flynn

    Ola Fojtasek

    Nancy Foran

    Jennifer and Zac Fowler

    Amanda M. Fullington

    Heather and Todd Furniss

    Mikaela V. Gallardo

    Amy Gamble

    Sai Gatram

    Tricia George

    Bruce Gerrity

    Jim and Judy Gibbs

    Mary Giesecke

    Susan Glassmoyer

    Lisa Goffman

    Karen E. Goins

    Otilia Gonzalez

    Rachel C. Gonzalez

    Nancy Good

    Robby Goodman

    Marsha Gordon

    Alli S. Gray

    Nichole M. Griep

    Louise and Guy Griffeth

    Dennis Grill

    Dennis M. Guten

    Ute and Rolf Haberecht

    Anne Marie and Paul Hain

    Stephanie and Robert Haley, M.D.

    Randi Halsell

    Beth Harben

    Lynda and Jackson Harrell

    Cindy Harris

    O'Neil Harris

    Tara Harris

    Kimber Hartmann

    Larue and Tuck Henry

    Amanda Henson

    Russ Hicks

    Rachel E. Higginbotham

    Al G. Hill, Jr.

    Charles Holley

    Katherine and Shelton Hopkins

    Frankie Horn

    Charlotte Hoskins

    Minor L. Huck

    Phillip W. Huffines

    Julia L. Hughes

    Leeanne and Bruce Hunt

    Libby Hunt

    Tavia and Clark Hunt

    Mary and Bob Irwin

    Joyeeta Islam

    Janet James

    Renee and Scott Jansen

    Dr. Robin B. Jarrett

    Beulah Johnson

    Eddie Bernice Johnson

    Di and David Johnston

    Deborah M. Jones

    Gabriela Jones

    Kynda and Ken Jordan

    Timothy J. Jordan

    Chloe Jung

    Angie S. Kadesky

    Mary Fan Kain

    Meri-Sofia Karttunen

    Esther Katz

    William F. Katz

    Janelle Kelley

    Helen Kenedi

    Leslie Kennedy

    Ash Khan

    J. Peter Kline

    Joan and Robert Kramer

    Jason Kwan

    Shari Kwon

    Joyce and Larry Lacerte

    Donald J. Landry

    Tracy M. Lange

    Jean Lattimore

    Vicky Lattner

    Kelsey Lawson

    Beth Layton

    Colleen and Glenn Le Prell

    Anna LeBlanc

    Nancy and Mike Lee

    Patty Lee

    Felicity M. Lenes-Voit

    Kara D. Leonard

    Richard C. Levin

    Lisa Longino

    Jan Lougeay

    Lacrecia Maddox

    Karin M. Manchack

    Nancy Marcus

    R. Lynn Markle, M.D.

    Rachel A. Gonzalez and Dr. Jeffrey S. Martin

    Sara and David Martineau

    Alice Martinez

    Dolly Marting

    Rebecca Mason

    Pat Mattingly

    Jennifer Mayes

    Nita and John Mayo

    Rachel M. McAlpine

    Pam McCallum

    Joyce McClellan

    Effie and Tom McCullough

    Jo Anne and Mike McCullough

    Patrick McEvoy

    Jenny McGlothlin

    Pat and Darden McGlothlin

    Shirley and Bill McIntyre

    Phyllis and Steve McKnight

    Alan J. McLean

    Cynthia Melnick

    Maryann and Frank Mihalopoulos

    Sonja and Max Miley

    Annfaye Milkes

    Geraldine "Tincy" Miller

    Margaret J. Miller

    Shirley and Robert Miller

    Steve and Sher Miller

    Twyla Mills

    Chieko Mineo

    Lisa Mistele

    Cynthia R. Mitchell

    Elizabeth and Stephen Modory

    Jima and Clint Montfort

    Ruth Ann Montgomery

    JoAnne and Eddy Moore

    Kim Moran

    Linda Mowder

    Dr. Charles Mullins

    Megan L. Mullins

    Julie and James Musselman

    Teressa Musser

    Carolyn Myers

    Sandy Nachman

    Angela Nash

    Teann Nash

    Andrea Nasher

    Kathleen and Richard Neely

    Laura and Robert Neely, Sr.

    Alan Nguyen

    Elizabeth Nichols

    Leslie A. Noble

    J. Wesley Norred

    Jodelle Oakley

    Sandra O'Neal

    Lauraine O'Neil

    Cheryl Parker

    Leslie A. Parks

    Mirandi Pathirama

    Shanon and Michael Patrick

    Donise and Steve Pearson

    Pam Perella

    Margot and Ross Perot

    Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr.

    Herman L. Philipson, Jr.

    Sonia Philipson, Jr.

    Joyce S. Pickering

    Jane and Chick Pierce

    Drs. Carol and Daniel K. Podolsky

    Lynn Poer

    Susan and Keith Post

    Michal and Loyd Powell

    Aileen Pratt

    Alyce and Terry Price

    Caren H. Prothro

    Parinita Pudi

    Jane and Norman Purcel

    Pamela and Scott Purcel

    Carolyn and Karl Rathjen

    Abigail L. Rea

    Diane and Richard Reed

    Valerie Rees-Jones

    Frederick J. Rerko

    Vinnie and Malcolm Reuben

    Lisa Richards

    Billy Risinger

    Susan Roberds

    Laura Robertson

    Ronald and Theresa Rodenbaugh

    Debbie Rodriguez

    Dr. Ross J. Roeser

    Mary Roffino

    Dr. Raul Rojas

    Pam and Jonathan Rollins

    Phil Roth

    Jill, Tracy and Michael Rowlett

    Stephen Ruback

    Johanna Rudolph

    Susan and Wayne Ruhter

    Richard Salas

    DeAnna Salazar

    Toni Santini

    Jacob Schilling

    Ann Schoeps

    Linda R. Schott

    William Schultze

    Carol P. Seay

    Linda and Les Secrest, M.D.

    Catherine Sedam

    Molly and John Seeligson

    Dr. Don Seldin

    Samar and JD Sengupta

    Linda Sensibaugh

    Peggy and Carl Sewell

    Janet S. Sharp

    Lynne and Roy Sheldon

    Kathy and Bob Shewmaker

    Kristi Shewmaker

    Dorothy and Thomas Shockley

    Dr. Angela Shoup

    Robbie Siben

    David J. Simcoe

    Stephenie C. Simpson

    Bettye and Richard Slaven

    Stacey and Erik Smatresk

    Brenda Smith

    Carolyn Smith

    Jane and Bud Smith

    LaRuth Smith

    David Spencer

    Francesca M. Spinelli

    Debby and E. Webb Spradley

    Ellen Stellburg

    Ann and Dr. Robert Stillman

    Lacy Stone

    Amy and Harrison Stoneham

    Charolette L. Storey

    Barbara and John Stuart III

    John P. Sturkie

    You Han Su

    Laurie L. Sudbury

    Betty and Steve Suellentrop

    Swami Swaminathan

    Stephen Swartz

    Melissa and Ben Sweeney

    Mieko Tanaka

    Dr. Linda Thibodeau

    Beth and Chuck Thoele

    Lesley A. Thompson

    Kathryn and Clem Thrift

    Chris Thrower

    Christopher I. Timms

    Ian Timms

    Max E. Tonkon

    Dee Torbert

    Dr. Emily Touchstone

    Joanna and Peter Townsend

    Lauren Trahan

    Lisa Troutt

    Denise Turfitt

    Thomas Urbaniak

    Steven R. Utley

    John Van Der Schans

    Anne E. Van Kleeck Powell

    Mary Jo Venetis

    Christine A. Vieth

    Elena Vinogradov

    Walter E. Voit

    Emily Walker

    Jean and John Walter

    Magdalena Walters

    Richard Wang

    Dr. Andrea D. Warner-Czyz

    Jessica S. Watts

    Jodi Weakland

    Tucean Webb

    Wanda and Gary Webb, M.D.

    Pamela Wehner

    Caitlyn R. Wenner

    Kristina Whitcomb

    Lindsey M. White

    William D. White

    Dr. Hobson Wildenthal

    Rebecca Wildenthal

    Marnie and Kern Wildenthal, M.D.

    Judith K. Williams

    Kathy Williams

    Cheryl Willoughby

    Gayle and Lee Wilson

    Emilynn and Claude Wilson, Jr

    Monica Wischmeyer

    Lois Wolf

    Robert Wolf

    Bryan Wolfe

    Ramon L. Womack

    Reginald R. Wondoloski

    Brennae Wright

    Joyce and Linus Wright

    Piper Wyatt

    Sahar Yaqubi

    Chase York

  • Alliance Data Systems, Inc.

    Marilyn Augur Family Foundation

    Baylor Scott & White Health

    The Benevity Community Impact Fund

    Children's Health

    Clay Cooley Automotive Group

    Delta Zeta at UT Dallas

    ExxonMobil Foundation

    Freese and Nichols Inc.

    Ed Haggar Family Foundation

    J.M. Haggar, Jr. Family Foundation

    Hamon Charitable Foundation

    Jewish Community Foundation of Orange County

    Kline Family Foundation

    Livingston Hearing Aid Centers, Inc.

    Locke Lord LLP

    The Eugene McDermott Foundation

    Metavante Corporation

    Carolyn and David Miller and the David B. Miller Family Foundation

    The Harvey and Joyce Mitchell Family Foundation

    Once Upon a Time Foundation

    ORIX FoundationThe Prompt Institute

    Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation

    Rupe Foundation

    Thompson & Knight Foundation

    Tolleson Wealth Management, LP

    United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

    United Way of Tarrant County

    UT Dallas Office of Development and Alumni Relations

    UT Southwestern Medical Center/Southwestern Medical Foundation

    Winstead PC

  • The Wolf Family Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas

  • George and Fay Young Foundation, Inc.

    YourCause, LLC

This list applauds the generous donors who have made a difference at the Callier Center through their contributions in the 2017 calendar year. Every effort is made to ensure the accurate recognition of donors; however, if you were omitted from this year's list, please call the Office of Development at 214-905-3097.