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The University of Texas at Dallas

Donor Appreciation

On behalf of patients and families, clinicians, faculty, researchers and students, thank you for your generous support.

Your gift gives:

  • a child a voice, the ability to hear, the opportunity to develop relationships, the potential for academic and employment success.
  • a researcher a lab, equipment, technology and time to conduct advanced research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of speech, language and hearing disorders.
  • a student the opportunity to learn from faculty and clinicians which prepares him/her to care for future patients.

Your gift makes a difference by transforming lives, one person at a time, which makes YOU a gift to Callier. For your kindness and compassion, we are deeply grateful and truly inspired. Thank you for being you!

Thank you

Thank you for making a difference
in my life!


  • Individuals
  • Corporations, Foundations and Other Organizations
  • Anonymous
    Alice Adams
    Ruth and Ken Altshuler
    Suzanne Bonifert Altstaetter
    Adriana Alvarez
    Mirandi Anderson
    Lori Andrus
    Jill and Tony Arredondo
    Dr. Peter Assmann
    Carla Aubrey
    Paula Austell
    Elizabeth Basile
    Cyndi Bassel
    Joseph Basulto
    Cynthia and Brice Beaird
    Justin Beaird
    Charles Best
    Elizabeth Biersgreen
    Margaret and Charles Billman
    Galit Birk
    Janice Goodwin Bleakley
    Elizabeth Boeckman
    Libby Boggess
    Jacquelyn Bowen
    Lennox Bower
    Jane Bowles
    Laura Braasch
    Peggy Braecklein
    Patricia Brannon
    Paula Bratt
    Diane and Hal Brierley
    George W. and Lorena F. Briggs Fund of The Dallas Foundation
    Natalie Brouille
    Mary Brouillette
    Susie Brown
    Mrs. David D. Bruton, Jr.
    Stuart Bumpas
    Jennifer Burchet
    Pam Busbee
    Dr. Tom Campbell
    Jordan Canafax
    Dr. Jenifer Carlock
    Nancy Carlson
    Jodi Carlton
    Peggy Carr
    Connie and Denny Carreker
    Sandra Carroll
    Ann and David Carruth
    Bitsy and Harold Carter
    Christie Carter
    Nancy Carter
    Sally Cassidy
    Margaret Cervin
    Martha Chapman
    Christopher Chilton
    Mindy Chown
    Gretchen Chrane
    Jennifer and Coley Clark
    Karen Clark
    Mary Cobb
    Dr. Carol Cokely
    Jean and George Coleman
    Tyree Collier
    Lisa and Thomas Connop
    Lauren Conway
    Annette Corman
    Harriet and Ralph Cousins
    Marcia Crouch
    Barbara Crow
    Kathy Crow
    Betsy and Bennett Cullum
    Sally Cullum
    Sissy Cullum
    Linda and Bill Custard
    Carol Cutler
    Andrea and Joe Czyz
    Robin Daniels
    Marnie Danielson
    Nacona Davis
    Ruth and Carl Davis
    Deborah Day
    Lynn Dealey
    Elise DeCleva
    Michael DeFrank
    Parkes Dibble
    Leslie Diers
    Tiffany and Paul Divis
    Dr. Chris Dollaghan
    Lissie Donosky
    Patsy Donosky
    Wayne Douglas
    Tammy Duclow
    Karen Dulyunan
    Troy Dungan
    Mary and John Durnin
    Durrant Family Foundation
    Ann and Bob Dyer
    Edward J. Earle
    Nancy Everbach
    Kerry Wildenthal Fagelman
    Wanda and George Farr
    Dr. Marianne Fazen
    Dr. Marc Fey
    Gail Fischer
    Dr. Susan G. Fleming
    Jenifer and Peter Flynn
    Ola Fojtasek
    Nancy Foran
    Jennifer Fowler
    Justine Fowler
    Jennifer Frank
    Jann Fujimoto
    Sara Lee and Stan Gardner
    Brandie Gehan
    Tricia M. George
    Judy and Jim Gibbs
    Kay Giesecke
    Kristie Giles
    Rhoni Golden
    The Gollis Family
    Robby Goodman
    Kara and Randall Goss
    Pagett Gosslee
    Daniel Granado
    Louise and Guy Griffeth
    Randi Halsell
    Barbara Hancock
    Mrs. Thomas J. Hanson
    Beth Harben
    William R. Hardcastle
    Tim Hardin
    Jackson and Lynda Harrell
    Leigh Anne Haugh
    Carol and Jeff Heller
    Kathryn Henion
    Bill Henson
    Madelyn Herndon
    Beverly and Rick Herrscher
    Al G. Hill, Jr.
    Barbara Hitzelberger-Wooten
    Billie Hood
    Virgil Horn, Jr.
    Helena Horsman
    Jennifer Houser
    Caroline L. Hunt
    Leeanne Hunt
    Libby and David Hunt
    Margaret and Doug Hunt
    Dr. Shawna Jackson
    Renee and Scott Jansen
    Janine and Hal Jayson
    Laura Jewett
    Gayle Johansen
    Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Johnson
    Vicki Johnson
    Deborah Jones
    Donna and George Jones
    Gene Jones
    April and Tim Jordan
    Carole and Chris Jordan
    Paul Julien
    Angie Kadesky
    Esther Katz – Camelraderie Special Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Orange County
    Dr. William Katz
    Janelle Kelley
    H. Kenedi
    Chris Kennington
    Caryl Keys
    Leena Kirkendall
    Cynthia Kloske
    Dr. Shari Kwon
    Nancy Land
    Jean Lattimore
    Elizabeth Layton
    Patty Lee
    Beverly Lide
    Michelle and William Lockhart
    Jan Lougeay
    Dennis Lutes
    Rebecca Lutz
    Maria Lyda
    Holly Lynch
    Meredith Maedgen
    Dr. Mandy Maguire
    Sara Mancuso
    Robert L. Manning
    Jared Mapes
    Dr. R. Lynn Markle
    Rachel A. Gonzalez and Jeffrey S. Martin, Ph.D.
    Gloria Eulich Martindale
    Sara and David Martineau
    Lesley and William Martinelli
    Sharon Mathews
    Pat Mattingly
    Emily Mayer
    Sheila W. McAdams
    Sydney McCarthy
    Angus McColl
    William McCormick
    JoAnne McCullough
    Sharon and Mike McCullough
    Mrs. Eugene McDermott
    Pat and Charles McEvoy
    McGlothlin Family
    Brent and Jill McGuire
    Shirley McIntyre
    Anne and John McPherson
    Amy and Michael Meadows
    Patricia B. Meadows
    Cynthia Melnick
    Peggy Meyer
    Mary Jo and Robert Milbank
    Geraldine “Tincy” Miller
    Kim and Greg Miller
    Elizabeth and Bob Mills
    Matthew Minick
    Joyce and Harvey Mitchell
    Dr. Bert Moore
    Kimberly Moran
    Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Morganstern
    Kathleen and Richard Neely
    Laura and Robert Neely
    Julie Noel
    Elsa Norwood
    Jodelle Oakley
    Debbie and Nickey Oates
    Nancy O’Boyle
    Brian Oliver
    Amanda and Jaime Palmer
    Tejal Pandya
    Leslie Parks
    Shanon and Michael Patrick
    Mary Elizabeth Paulk
    Donise and Steve Pearson
    Annelise Pedersen
    Cynthia Pepas
    Mr. and Mrs. David K. Peyton
    Mary Martha and John Pickens
    Jane Pierce
    Drs. Carol and Daniel Podolsky
    Patricia Lynn Poer
    Annitra Polk
    Susan Post
    Michal and Loyd Powell, Jr.
    Kathryn Priddy
    Sandi Pruitt
    Jane Purcel
    Pamela and Scott Purcel
    Julie Rado
    Diane Reed
    Anne Reeder
    Dr. Lisa Richards
    Darla and Charles Ripley
    Nancy Beth and Harry Roberts, Jr.
    Katie Robbins
    Mary Roffino
    Dr. Raul Rojas
    Neall Rose
    Jill and Tracy Rowlett
    Stephen Ruback
    Abigail Rubio
    Deanna and Bob Sandlin
    Kristen Scheirman
    Emilie Schepps
    Patricia Glorig Schiff
    George Schrader
    Kimberly Schueneemann
    Carol Seay
    Linda and Les Secrest
    Alonzo See
    Linda Sensibaugh
    Nancy Sexton
    Nancy Shelton
    Kristi Shewmaker
    Dr. Angela Shoup
    Dave Simcoe
    Stephenie Simpson
    Joyce Skinner
    Christina Smith
    LaRuth Smith
    Patricia Snider
    Amy Stephenson
    Karen and Glenn Stephenson
    Amy and Harrison Stoneham
    Charolette Storey
    Barbara and John Stuart, III
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Sweeney
    Michael Talbot
    Meg Temple
    Beth Thoele
    Martha Tiller
    Dr. Emily W. Touchstone
    Kathy and Neil Touchstone
    Joanna and Theodore Townsend
    Paul Triplett
    Shannan Tujios
    Litty and David Turner
    Laura Upton
    Laura Veazey
    Jessica Vernon
    Polly and Curt Wade
    April Walker
    Alicia Wanek
    Evy Kay and Dick Washburne
    Tucean and David Webb
    Wanda C. and Dr. Gary L. Webb
    Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Weber, Jr.
    Pamela Wehner
    Dr. Debra Weinberger
    Amy Wells
    Marsha Wesley
    Kathy Wideman
    Emilynn Berry Wilson
    Gayle and Phillip L. Wilson
    Macy Wilson
    Melinda Winn
    Ellen Winspear
    The Wolf Family Fund of Communities Foundation of Texas
    Joyce and Linus Wright

  • Center for BrainHealth
    Communities Foundation of Texas
    ExxonMobil Foundation
    The Hockaday School
    The Nancy and Herbert Hunt Family Foundation
    Kline Family Foundation
    Livingston Hearing Aid Centers, Inc.
    The Eugene McDermott Foundation
    The Meadows Foundation
    David B. Miller Family Foundation
    Olmsted-Kirk Company
    Peanut Playhouse, Inc.
    The Sarah and Ross Perot, Jr. Foundation
    Prewett Financial
    Vin and Caren Prothro Foundation
    Robokind Robots
    United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

This list applauds the generous donors who have made a difference at the Callier Center through their contributions in the 2015 fiscal year. Recognition is for outright gifts and pledge payments received between September 1, 2014 and August 31, 2015. Every effort is made to ensure the accurate recognition of donors; however, if you were omitted from this year's list, please call the Office of Development at 214-905-3097.