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Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Children’s Programs and Services

The UT Dallas Callier Center provides comprehensive, coordinated clinical services for our families by partnering with audiologists, physicians, educators, mental health professionals and other rehabilitation specialists in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We work closely with researchers at UT Dallas and The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center to continuously develop innovative, creative, evidence-based practice models for diagnosis and treatment.


Individual Therapy


Speech Programs:
Children with speech delay or disorders may have difficulty pronouncing certain sounds/words or may stutter. Callier speech programs can help.


Feeding Disorder Programs:
Children with feeding disorders may have difficulty performing the oral movements needed for chewing and swallowing safely, or may have trouble tolerating different tastes or textures. Callier feeding disorder programs can help.


Language Programs:
Children with language delays or disorders may have trouble communicating wants and needs, knowing what words mean, putting words together to make a phrase or sentence, following directions or using appropriate grammar. Callier language programs can help.


Summer Camps:


Children's Programs & Services

Communication Connection