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Callier Center for Communication Disorders

Hearing Aids for Children

When hearing loss cannot be treated medically or surgically, one of the possible treatments is the fitting of hearing aids. 

Children and their parents meet with an audiologist to discuss and select hearing aids. When making a recommendation for a specific hearing instrument, the audiologist considers the degree of hearing loss, as well as the physical and specific hearing needs of the child.

Parents participate in the selection process and consider colors, shape, features, cost and wearing options. After the consultation, hearing aids can be ordered if the audiologist and parents are ready to proceed.

Our audiologists are experienced at selecting and fitting amplification devices for children. Audiologists may choose products from every major manufacturer of hearing aids. Devices are programmed on computers, and adjustments are often made onsite to solve problems.

Most hearing aids worn by children require earmolds. 

The UT Dallas Callier Center provides ear impression services and the earmolds are made by earmold laboratories throughout the nation. Earmold fit is guaranteed for 60 days.