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Mathematics Colloquium by Tomoki Ohsawa
Thursday, Apr 24, 2014
2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Location: FO 2.702

Tomoki Ohsawa

Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Michigan–Dearborn

The Geometry and Dynamics of Semiclassical Wave Packets

I will talk about the geometry and dynamics of semiclassical wave packets, which provide a description of the transition regime between quantum and classical mechanics.

It is well known that both classical and quantum mechanical systems are described as Hamiltonian systems: finite-dimensional one for the former and infinite-dimensional for the latter, with respect to the corresponding symplectic geometric structures.

I will show how to exploit such geometric structures to formulate semiclassical dynamics from the Hamiltonian/symplectic point of view.

I will also talk about the role of symmetry and conservation laws in semiclassical dynamics as well as the relationship between the semiclassical wave packets and the Hermite basis.

Sponsored by the Department of Mathematical Sciences

Refreshments will be served in the First Floor Atrium of FO 30 minutes prior to the talk

Contact Info:
John Zweck, 972-883-6699
Questions? Email me.

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