Print Guide

Publications, electronic communications and advertisements should always feature the University wordmark – The University of Texas at Dallas – as a prominent feature of the main headline and contain the UTD Monogram logo or UT Dallas logo as a secondary design element. The word The should always be included as part of the wordmark.

While the UTD monogram may not be used as the sole University branding element, its adaptability and effectiveness reduced to a relatively small size (1/4″ minimum) often makes it the preferred choice to accompany the University wordmark.

The UT Dallas logo requires a minimum size (2″ length) and safe space surrounding it and should be used only on printed material or promotional items that conform to those standards.

Branding for schools, centers, departments, programs and other institutional entities are secondary to the primary brand of The University of Texas at Dallas. No other logo or graphic representation should supersede that of the University. Separate logos for other institutional units are strongly discouraged and can be authorized only by the Office of Communications.