Brand Standards for The University of Texas at Dallas

Mass Email Checklist

University Web Services evaluates each request from faculty and staff, and suggests the best communication tools.

Those tools include Comet Calendar, social media, Intercom, digital signage and mass email (list of 500 recipients or more).

University Web Services requires two weeks’ notice to schedule mass emails. Your content is due three days before the send date. Send any files to [email protected]. Available send dates may vary. See UT Dallas’ mass email process for more information.

Fields with asterisks (*) are required.

Enter your email address.

Enter an email only if it is different from the “FROM:” email address listed above.
Enter the subject.
Enter a description of the email.
Enter the audience. Please be specific: alumni, faculty, staff, students, 120 local CEOs…

Select the number of email addresses.

* Enter a send date.

Please send any files needed to create your email to [email protected].

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