The UT Dallas logo is one of the most important and frequently recognized graphic representations of The University of Texas at Dallas.

UT Dallas logos, trademarks and wordmarks may be used only for official purposes of The University of Texas at Dallas in the exact manner, font and color specifications noted in these guidelines. Print-ready graphics of UT Dallas logos and wordmarks are available in the downloads area of this site.

Non-university requests for use of University logos, trademarks and wordmarks should be directed to the Office of Communications at 972-883-4701 or [email protected]

All external logos require written permission from the organization that owns them for use in University publications or Web pages.

University Branding

The cover page of external publications and advertisements should always feature the University wordmark – The University of Texas at Dallas – as a prominent feature of its headline and contain the UT Dallas logo or UTD monogram as a second design element. The UTD monogram should not be used as the sole University branding element. The wordmark must also be included.

Schools, Centers, Departments and Other Institutional Branding

Branding for schools, centers, departments, programs and other institutional entities is secondary to the primary brand of The University of Texas at Dallas. A secondary logo may not be used by an entity to promote itself independently of the University. Separate logos for other institutional units are strongly discouraged and may be permitted only by the Office of Communications.

Student Organizations

Student organizations are organized by students, for students, to engage in some mutually interesting activity. So the communication is from students to students, and there’s a shared understanding that everyone involved is a UT Dallas student. Such organizations are not speaking on behalf of the University, nor does the University take responsibility for their organization or guarantee the quality of their events and activities, other than to register them and require that they follow University guidelines for student organizations. They may use the University’s official logo and wordmark in their campus communication, but this is not required.

Student organizations that function as quasi-official arms of the University are required to use brand marks. Student Government and student service organizations that represent the University to others through their work on alternative spring break, athletics teams, assignments as Student Ambassadors and intellectual competition teams are examples. The members of these organizations receive significant University support, and are expected to act as representatives of the University. These organizations are required to use the University wordmarks and logos on their official publications, apparel, and other collateral likely to be used in venues that will represent the University to others. Variations on existing marks and artwork in addition to University marks are subject to review and approval by the Office of Communications Marketing department.