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Rob Burgess, PhD
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Robert Burgess

Dr. Burgess has a strong life sciences background with a particular focus in molecular biology, in vivo drug target validation and genetic engineering. He is currently President and CEO of Atumida, Inc. and co-founder/Chairman of the Board for Medical nanotechnologies, Inc.

He recently held the positions of Vice President of Business Development for the U.K.-based firm Stem Cell Sciences, LLC and Vice President, Research and Development for Zyvex Corporation where he guided a team of 36 scientists and research engineers and played and integral part of the company's restructuring.

Prior to Zyvex, he was empoyed at Serologicals Corporation, a 1000 employee biotools and reagents company realizing $275M in 2005 revenue, as Director of Scientific Sourcing and New Technologies. There he provided long-term visionary guidance for the company regarding new producta nd technology development opportunities through the establishment of key relationships and partnerships with aademic researchers and institutions.

Prior to his appointment there he acted as Senior Director, Functional Genomics and Senior Director, Corporate Business Development for the Serologicals subsisdiary Chemicon International. In these capacities he managed a team of scientists focused on the generation of animal models for human disorders and identified an in-licensed new products and technologies from worldwide industrial and academic sources.

Dr. Burgess' other roles in the biotechnology industry include Co-founder, Board Member and President of Genome BioSciences, Inc. and Founding Scientist for Lexicon Genetics, Inc., where he focused on high-throughput drug target identification and validation at the molecular level. In addition, as NIH-sponsored Research Fellow he conducted research at the University of California San Diego and has published in major scientific journals including Nature and Science on a variety of research in genetic engineering, developmental biology and the molecular control of cellular identity. He also recently published the book "Understanding Nanomedicine: An Introductory Textbook."

  • Updated: September 30, 2011
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