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Nov. 14-15, 2014
Curtis Culwell Center
8 a.m. Registration and Pit Set-up
9 a.m.- 5 p.m.
  • Robot Compliance Check
  • BEST Award Booth Set-up
  • BEST Award Marketing Presentations
  • Practice Rounds
  • Team Photos
  • UT Dallas Campus Tours
4-6 p.m. Women in Engineering Panel Discussion and Reception
6-6:20 p.m. Guest Speaker- representative from Texas Instruments
6:30 p.m.
  • Friday Night Social
  • Hub Director's Meeting
  • Saturday
    8 a.m. Pits Open
    8:15 a.m.
  • Drivers Meeting
  • Coaches Meeting
  • 8:45 a.m.
  • Opening Ceremony
  • National Anthem, Sandy Hanne
  • 9 a.m.- 3 p.m.
  • Seeding Matches
  • BEST Award Booth Judging
  • 3-4 p.m. Championship Matches
    3-5 p.m. Awards Ceremony
    Bladerunner 2014

    For Our Texas BEST Teams

    Congratulations for qualifying for the Texas BEST Regional! You have already proven yourselves to be wonderful robot designers. The University of Texas at Dallas is proud to welcome you to the Texas BEST Regional Competition at the Curtis Culwell Center. We hope to make this event as memorable and pleasurable as possible for all the qualifying coaches, mentors, team members and guests.

    2014 Texas BEST Regional Championship Handbook

    We have automated as much of the registration process for the event as possible on this website. We recommend you print this page to keep track of where you are in the registration process. We have provided checkboxes by each step.

    Please follow the instructions below to complete your registration:

    Check Box

    Upload your team notebook: We are collecting all team notebooks this year via the Internet. To upload your notebook you will need to scan all the pages and create a digital document to be uploaded. Please save them as Microsoft Word documents or PDF documents only.

    Please name your digital file appropriately. Please use the following format, Team#_TeamName (ie Team99_UTDallas). Notebooks that do not follow this file naming system will not be accepted. Your team number is assigned to you by your HUB.

    Once your notebook is either a Word document or a PDF document and appropriately named, please upload the file to the SendSpace website or email it to best@utdallas.edu using the website forms. Click here for SendSpace.

    The reference in the score sheet to a standard binder will be ignored/deleted. Demographic sheets are not required. The standard 8.5 x 11" page format and other requirements still apply. Cover sheet (information that would normally go on the outside of the notebook) does NOT count towards the 30 page limit for the main section.

    Notebooks are due to best@utdallas.edu by MIDNIGHT on the dates listed below. Late notebooks will be penalized 10% (3 points). The timestamp on the email or file upload will determine if a notebook is on time or late.

    Hub Date Notebook Due

    Oct. 11 competition due Oct. 18

    Oct. 18 competition due Oct. 25

    Oct. 25 competition due Nov. 1

    Nov. 1 competition due Nov. 8

    Check Box

    Complete Online Registration: One person from each team should complete ALL the steps on the Marketplace page.

    Step 1: Team Registration: Follow the directions on the page and fill-in all the fields for your team. Once the form is finished you will be taken to the "View Registration Page." This is your virtual shopping cart. Please click the "Continue Registration" button to complete the next steps to complete your registration. If you leave the website at this point please do not forget to return and finish the other steps to complete your registration.

    Step 2: Photographs: This is where you sign-up for your team picture. The University of Texas at Dallas will provide each team with a complimentary team photo. All you need to do for this step is sign-up for a time slot. Be sure your time slot does not conflict with practice time, compliance check, oral presentations, or tour time. The website will not check for schedule conflicts for you. Time slots will fill on a First Come, First Pick basis so register early.

    Step 3: Compliance Check: Each team will have an opportunity to sign-up for a compliance time slot. If you do not pass compliance during this time period, you will be able to make your modifications or repairs and return. The website will not check for schedule conflicts for you. Time slots will fill on a First Come, First Pick basis so register early.

    Step 4: Practice Rounds: There will be open practice in the morning after the fields have been put together for teams who have passed compliance. From 12:30–3:30 PM teams can schedule half hour practice times. Only scheduled teams will be able to practice during this time. You may choose your ½ hour practice time here. The website will not check for schedule conflicts for you. Time slots will fill on a First Come, First Pick basis so register early.

    Step 5: Oral Presentations: If your team is competing for the BEST Award you can schedule your oral presentation here. The website will not check for schedule conflicts for you. Time slots will fill on a First Come, First Pick basis so register early.

    Step 6: UT Dallas Campus Tour: An hour long campus tour featuring innovative science and engineering projects from distinguished UT Dallas faculty. Transportation will be provided via chartered buses. Due to limited seating, only 10 spaces are allocated to each team. For high school groups, please give preference to your Juniors and Seniors students who will find this tour more applicable to their academic progression. Under Quantity, please note total number of seats needed in case we have unfilled seats at the end. We will notify you via email a few days before the competition if we can fill the additional request.

    Step 7: Women in Engineering Panel and Reception: *new for 2014* Texas BEST is proud to announce the first annual Women in Engineering Panel and Reception sponsored by Texas Instruments! It will be held on Friday, November 14 from 4PM - 6PM in the Grand Ballroom at the event center and is open to ALL participants. When registering, please enter the number of people on your team who might be interested in attending in the "quantity" box, so we can have adequate refreshments on hand. The event will consist of a panel discussion of women engineers from different career paths, stages, and industries with a 30-minute meet and greet at the end for one-on-one interaction. The discussion will center around the challenges and rewards of the profession to encourage more students, specifically women, to pursue a career in engineering. Light refreshments will be provided.

    Step 8: Special Event Registration: On Friday night November 14th, there will be a Special Event and Dinner for all BEST Teams. This is will be a fun opportunity for all the teams to mix and mingle with each other before the competition on Saturday. Entertainment includes DJ, inflatables/obstacle course, and a photo booth to capture the memories! Each team will be provided 6 free Special Event tickets, which include a Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich boxed dinner (turkey, roast beef, ham, or veggie with a drink, cookie, and chips) and event admission. If you would like additional tickets (beyond the 6), they cost $10 each. Please only purchase ADDITIONAL tickets over your 6 free tickets here.

    Once the required steps are completed and everything is ready on your "View Registration," click the "Complete Registration" button. Here you will put in payment information for the Special Events Tickets and Contact information. Once each step is completed, you will be registered! An order confirmation will be sent to you within 1 - 2 business days.

    Check Box

    T-Shirt Award Submission: T-shirts are due at check-in on Friday morning.

    Check Box

    Complete the Medical, Talent and Liability Release Form for all participating members, including coaches, mentors, and volunteers who are attending. Please try to submit all forms by November 1. Late forms can be turned in the day of Registration. Please note: you will NOT be able to participate without a Release Form on file.

    Use the below address or fax/email for completed forms:

    Texas BEST
    Science and Engineering Education Center (SEEC)
    University of Texas at Dallas
    800 W. Campbell Road, FA31
    Richardson, TX 75080

    Fax: 972-883-4454

    Please write team name and number at the bottom of all forms.

    Check Box

    Hotel Reservations and travel arrangements: Hotel Information is available on the Hotels/Local Info tab above. If you are booking a bus, check with the company about how long the driver can be on duty without having to take a break. Many states have laws regarding driving-time limitations for bus drivers.

    Check Box

    Championship Handbook: Download, print and read carefully. Make copies for other key people, particularly noting the information found in Pit Protocol & Information, and the General Information & Important Notes sections.
    Check Box Emergency Contact: Determine one adult who will be responsible for receiving any emergency phone calls that may occur from home while your team is at Texas BEST. Provide that person's cell phone number to parents, school officials and others as you see fit. Texas BEST and the University of Texas at Dallas cannot be responsible for such calls. In addition, please ensure you have completed the Medical, Talent and Liability Release Form in case emergency medical attention is necessary. Releases are required for all participating members, including coaches and mentors.
    Check Box Texas BEST Conclusion: We have many teams coming from far away that need to leave as soon as possible after Texas BEST comes to an end. We assure you we are conscious of this in putting together the schedule and will do everything possible to stick to our time line. However, the schedule does not always work out as planned. Be aware that the number of competition rounds for the robots may need to be reduced in order to complete Texas BEST on time.

    Email Documents

    < 10MB - best@utdallas.edu

    > 10MB - sendspace.com (best@utdallas.edu)