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Development of Social Cognition Lab

Welcome to the Development of Social Cognition Lab

Sasson Lab

Here, we study different aspects of social cognition, a term that refers to the perceptual and processing abilities that facilitate social interaction. These include a wide range of skills such as emotion recognition, theory of mind and attribution biases. Our lab is particularly focused on exploring how these abilities develop abnormally in conditions affected by social dysfunction, including autism and schizophrenia. Impairments in social cognition can hinder the establishment and maintenance of interpersonal relationships, and otherwise affect a person’s ability to function within a variety of social contexts. Our studies utilize a variety of different neuropsychological methods, including eye tracking to monitor and quantify perceptual patterns, computerized testing of social cognitive abilities, and video analysis of social functioning. Ultimately, we aim to identify specific factors underlying impairments in social functioning that can be targeted for remediation by treatment and intervention efforts.