The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences


Researchers at the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences annually receive generous grants from such organizations as the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and various science labs. These funds are used to support important research that can potentially effect individuals throughout the world.





Basak, Chandramallika SBIR-Posit Science Inc. Plasticity-based Adaptive Cognitive Remediation for Alzheimer’s Disease Phase II
Basak, Chandramallika NIH Strategic Training to Optimize Neurocognitive Functions in Older Adults
Burton, Michael NIH K22 — The Role of Cell-specific TLR-4 Signaling in Developing Chronic Pain
Burton, Michael American pain Society-gift Research for Uncovering Cell-specific Mechanisms in Sex Differences in TLR4-dependent Pain
Chapman, Sandra Texas Health & Human Services Commission A Multi-Pronged Approach to Addressing Mental Health Needs of Texas Veterans
Chapman, Sandra UTSW Enhancement of Cognitive Brain Performance in Service Members – Active Duty and Veterans – Cooperative IAC w/UTSW
Dussor, Greg Alder BioPharmaceuticals Inc. Identifying and Characterizing Auditory Processing Disruptions in Multiple Sclerosis
Dussor, Greg NIH Peroxynitrite and Migraine
Dussor, Greg NIH Meningeal Prolactin Signaling and Female-Selective Migraine Mechanisms
Dussor, Greg CerSci Therapeutics, Inc. STTR: Non-Metal PN Scavenger/Decomposition Catalysts for Treatment of Migraine
Filbey, Francesca Oregon Health and Science University / NIH-NIAAA fMRI and Treatment Response with Binge Drinking Adolescents
Filbey, Francesca NIH The Role of Motivation and Control in Cannabis Use Disorders: A Cross-Cultural Longitudinal Neuroimaging Study
Filbey, Francesca NIH Motor Learning Deficits in Cannabis Users
Goffman, Lisa NIH Sequential Pattern Learning in Children with Developmental Language Disorder
Hart, John Congressional Directed Medical Research Treatment of Memory Disorders in Gulf War Illness with High Definition Transcranial Direct Cortical Stimulation
Hart, John Rainwater Charitable Foundation Study the Mechanism and Sequence of Pathological Change of How TBI Leads to Dementia in NFL Players
Hart, John US Army MRAA Multi-Site Confimatory Efficacy Treatment Trial of Combat-related PTSD
Hassler, Shayne NIH-1F32 Research Fellowship Award-PAR2 Mediated Nociception in a Mouse Migraine Model
Kane, Heidi Jerry M. Lewis, M.D. Mental Health Research Foundation (Formerly Timberlawn) Gift Marriage, Sleep and Health
Kennedy, Kristen NIH-National Institute on Aging Dopaminergic and Neuroplastic Influences on Longitudinal Change in Cognitive and Brain Aging
Kilgard, Michael Wings for Life Promoting Recovery from Cervical Spinal Cord Injury by Pairing Rehabilitation with Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Kilgard, Michael International Rett Syndrome Foundation Research Grant Reversing Speech Sound Processing Deficits in Rett Syndrome
Kilgard, Michael NIH Vagus Nerve Stimulation Paired with Rehabilitative Training to Enhance Plasticity
Kilgard, Michael Teliatry Inc. SRA: Medical Implant Device Technology Development
Kilgard, Michael CDMRP Hearing Restoration through Synaptic Plasticity Directed by Vagus Nerve
Krawczyk, Daniel Congressional Directed Medical Research (CDMRP) Improving Cognitive and Functional Deficits after TBI Using Virtual Technology
Kroener, Sven NIH-1R21 Vagus Nerve Stimulation as a Tool to Modulate Synaptic Plasticity During Extinction from Drug Seeking
Kroener, Sven NIH Mitochondrial ATP Synthase Dysfunction and Synaptic Stress in Alzheimer’s Disease
Kroener, Sven NIH-R01 GHSR1a and Hippocampal Pathology in Alzheimer’s Disease
Lobarinas, Edward NIH-1RO1 Effect of Inner Hair Cell Loss and Afferent Damage on Functional Hearing
Maguire, Mandy NSF How Poverty Impacts Brain and Language Development: Understanding the Vocabulary Gap
McIntyre Rodriguez, Christa Univ. of Iowa/NIH Neural Pathways Modulating Memory Consolidation
Mills, Candice NSF Collaborative research: How Recognizing Gaps in Explanations Influences Children’s Interest in Learning
O’Toole, Alice NI of Justice Design and Implementation of Forensic Facial Identification Experts Test
O’Toole, Alice University of Maryland-Phase 3 Sparse Heterogeneous Representation and Domain Adaptive Matching for Unconstrained Face Recognition
O’Toole, Alice DOE: Subcontract Oak Ridge National Lab Automated Identity Masking: Advanced Experimental Design, Analysis, and Non-Facial Confounders
Owen, Margaret NIH/University of Georgia Quality of Early Mother-Child Communication and Language Outcome in Low-Income Hispanic Children
Owen, Margaret NIH/University of Georgia Self-Regulation Development and the Transition to Middle School
Park, Denise NIH Dallas Lifespan Brain Study-Wave 3: Neurodegeneration and Resilience in Cognition
Park, Denise NIH Impact of Challenging Engagement on Cognition in Older Adults: A Clinical Trial
Park, Denise SMU The Dallas Asthma Brain and Cognition Study
Phensy, Aarron NIH-F31 The Role of the mPTP-regulating Protein Cyclophilin D in Oxidative Stress in a Developmental Rodent Model of Schizophrenia
Pinkham, Amy NIH-R21 Investigating a Neurobehavioral Mechanism of Paranoia
Pinkham, Amy NIH-R01 Introspective Accuracy, Bias, and Everyday Functioning in Severe Mental Illness
Prager, Karen Jerry M. Lewis, M.D. Mental Health Research Foundation (Formerly Timberlawn) Paving the Way to Improved Marital Well-Being
Price, Ted NIH Translation Control of Pain Plasticity
Price, Ted NIH-RO1 Protease Activated Receptor Type 2 Targeting for Migraine Pain
Price, Ted SRA-Merck Sharp & Dohme SRA: In Situ Hybridization on Human DRG
Price, Ted NIH Sex-specific Regulation of Local Translation and Chronic Pain Mechanisms in Females
Price, Ted AlderBiopharmaceuticals Inc.-SRA Testing Agreement: Does an Anti-CGRP Antibody Inhibit Pain in the Hyperalgesix Priming Model?
Rennaker, Robert Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Closed-loop Neuromodulation to Treat PTSD
Rennaker, Robert W. W. Caruth, Jr. Foundation Targeted Plasticity Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury
Rodrigue, Karen Alzheimers Association Links between Brain Iron and Beta-amyloid Deposition in Aging and MCI
Rodrigue, Karen NIH Mechanisms and Predictors of Brain Aging in Healthy Aging, Preclinical AD and MCI
Rojas, Raul Jerry M. Lewis, M.D. Mental Health Research Foundation (Formerly Timberlawn) Tracking the Early Bilingual Language Growth of Spanish-speaking Children in Dallas: Impact of Exogenous and Endogenous Factors
Rojas, Raul University of Houston Identification of Reading and Language Disabilities in Spanish-Speaking English Learners
Rollins, Pam THECB Autism grant Program-Innovative Treatment Models
Rugg, Michael NIH-R01 Relationship Between Neural Correlates of Episodic Memory, Age, Memory Performance
Rugg, Michael NIH-1R21 Effects of Age and Resource Depletion on Post-retrieval Monitoring and Individual Differences in Memory Performance
Rugg, Michael NSF Effects of Age on Specificity and Control of Recollected Content
Rypma, Bart National Multiple Sclerosis Society The Effect of Neural-Vascular Coupling Changes on Cognitive Performance in Multiple Sclerosis
Rypma, Bart National Multiple Sclerosis Society Role of Astrocytes in Neural-vascular Coupling and its Dysfunction in MS
Rypma, Bart UTSW ICC- GMO 190905 Support for Dinesh Sivaklundu for MRI Physiological Measures of Disease with MRI Studies from Healthy Controls, Patients with non-specific White Matter Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Sasson, Noah THECB Autism Grant Program-Parent-Directed Treatment
Spence, Jeffrey UTSW-subward BOLD and its Discontents:Age-differences in the Neurophysiology of fMRI Signal
Thom, Catherine Vilintus, Inc. Home Cage System for Fine Motor Assessments in Aging Rodent Models
Vanneste, Sven Congressional Directed Medical Research Program Direct Current Stimulation for Pain Treatment of Gulf War Illness
Warner-Czyz, Andrea USC/NIH Childhood Development after Cochlear Implantation
Wig, Gagan James McDonnell Foundation Autism Grant Program
Wig, Gagan NSF EAGER: Modifying Human Cognition using Targeted Non-invasive Stimulation of Large-scale Brain Networks

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