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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Staff Directory



Leah Barfield

Academic Project Manager email
972-883-6754 phone
JO 2.121

Kate Bell

Academic Advisor email
972-883-6289 phone
JO 2.109

Rachel Berglund

Asst Director, Center for Children and Families email
972-883-4782 phone
GR 4.804

Cathy Bittner

Administrative Assistant I email
214-905-3116 phone
CD J2.07

Lindsey Boeshans

Academic Support Coordinator email
972-883-2360 phone
GR 4.528

Marcos Chavez

Academic Support Coordinator email
972-883-6897 phone
GR 4.526

Melanie Davis

Academic Support Coordinator email
972-883-2588 phone
GR 4.824

Bonnie Dougherty

Academic Advisor email
972-883-6397 phone
GR 4.522

Ana Fineout

Administrative Assistant I email
972-883-2436 phone
JO 2.110

Meaghan Flores

Sr Academic Support Coordinator email
972-883-2358 phone
GR 4.502

Donna Goetz

Admin Services Officer I email
972-883-6869 phone
GR 4.524

Pagett Gosslee

Director of Development and Alumni Relations email
972-883-2837 phone
GR 4.512

Dennis Guten

Web Developer email
972-883-3807 phone
GR 4.522

Tracie Johnson

Grants and Contracts Specialist email
972-883-2794 phone
GR 4.104B

Katy Jordan

Academic Advisor email
972-883-2621 phone
JO 2.113

Valerie Lariscy

Administrative Assistant to the Dean email
972-883-2355 phone
GR 4.104

Chona Lucas

Academic Support Coordinator email
972-883-3167 phone
CD 1.12

Mandy Martin

Academic Advisor email
972-883-6750 phone
JO 2.125

Katina McAfee

Web Developer email
972-883-2494 phone
GR 4.810

Susan Milligan

School Fiscal Officer email
972-883-2345 phone
GR 4.104

Andrew Ona

Software Systems Specialist I email
972-883-2022 phone
GR 4.307

Nancy Orlowski

Marketing Coordinator email
972-883-4845 phone
GR 4.510

Phil Roth

Communications Manager email
972-883-2193 phone
AD 3.220D

Rocky Shen

Software Systems Specialist IV email
972-883-2022 phone
GR 4.309

Janie Shipman

Career Center Consultant email
972-883-2943 phone
GR 2.410

Arleen Smith

Administrative Assistant II - Dean's Office email
972-883-2357 phone
GR 4.506