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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Faculty Directory








Hervé Abdi Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Memory and Cognition, Quantitative Models, Neuroimaging, Genomics email
972-883-2065 phone
Personal Website website

Robert Ackerman Assistant Professor

Social/Personality Psychology Individual Differences in Interpersonal Relationships email
972-883-2346 phone
The Personality and Interpersonal Relationships (PAIR) Laboratory website

Richard Addante
Senior Lecturer

Neuroscience The Cognitive Neuroscience of Human Memory email
972-883-4846 phone

Michelle Aldridge Clinical Lecturer

Infant Communicative Development and Autism email
214-905-3142 phone

Peter Assmann Professor

Cognitive Psychology, Hearing Science, Speech Science Speech Perception and Psychoacoustics email
972-883-2435 phone
Speech Perception Research Laboratory website

James Bartlett Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Memory and Cognition, Aging email
972-883-2079 phone
Bartlett Laboratory

Chandramallika Basak Assistant Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Cognitive Aging and Plasticity email
972-883-3724 phone
Lifespan Neuroscience and Cognition Laboratory website

Matthew J. Brown Associate Professor

Cognitive Psychology, Social/Personality Psychology Situated and Distributed Cognition, Culture and Cognition, Philosophy of Mind, History of Psychology email
972-883-2536 phone
Personal Website website

Sherry Bryant Clinical Lecturer

Early Childhood Disorders for Children Ages Birth to 5 Years; Infant Mental Health Mentor; Family's Influence on Development; Clinical Training of Students email
972-883-4476 phone

Thomas Campbell Professor

Language Science, Speech Science Pediatric Speech and Language email
214-905-3001 phone
Callier Center for Communication Disorders website
Speech, Language, Cognition and Communication

Sandra Bond Chapman Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Language Science Brain Plasticity & Neurocognitive Rehabilitation; Brain Injury, Brain Disease and Healthy Aging email
214-905-3007 phone
Center for BrainHealth website

Jackie Clark Clinical Associate Professor

Pediatric Audiology, Speech in Noise Performance, Otoacoustic Emissions and Evoked Potentials email
214-905-3031 phone
Personal Website website

Carol Cokely Clinical Associate Professor

Clinical Education and Adult Aural Rehabilitation email
214-905-3125 phone
Personal Website website

Lucinda Dean Clinical Lecturer

Communication Disorders, Pediatric Feeding/Swallowing Disorders, Childhood Motor Speech Disorders, Public School Methods email
972-883-3654 phone

Christine Dollaghan Professor

Language Science Child Language Development and Disorders email
214-905-3063 phone
Speech, Language, Cognition and Communication

Jay Dowling Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Memory and Cognition, Audition, Music Cognition email
972-883-2059 phone
Music Perception and Cognition (MPaC) Laboratory website

Greg Dussor Associate Professor

Neuroscience Neurobiology of Pain, Migraine, Neuropharmacology email
972-883-2385 phone
Pain Neurobiology Research Group website

Julia L. Evans Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Language Science Cognitive Neuroscience of Child Language Development, Language Learning Impairments and Specific Language Impairments (SLI) email
972-883-3105 phone
Child Language and Cognitive Processes Laboratory website

Francesca Filbey Associate Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Neurogenetics of Addictive Behavior email
972-883-3311 phone
Filbey Lab website

Richard Golden Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Quantitative Models in Cognition email
972-883-2423 phone
Professor Golden's Personal Web Page website

Xiaosi Gu Assistant Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Computational Psychiatry, Social and Decision Neuroscience email
972-883-3303 phone
Computational Psychiatry Unit website

Rosanna Guadagno Associate Professor

Social/Personality Psychology Psychological Processes in Social Media, Video Games and Virtual Environments email
972-883-7541 phone
Personal Website website
Online Social Influence Lab website

John Hart Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience of Semantic Memory email
214-905-3007 phone

Shayla Holub Associate Professor

Developmental Psychology Parenting, Socialization of Eating Behaviors and Weight Attitudes, Self-Perceptions email
972-883-4473 phone
Healthy Development Project website

Karen Huxtable-Jester
Senior Lecturer

Intergenerational Transmission of Abuse, Attachment Theory, Self-Reflection and Change in Personal Belief Systems email
972-883-6434 phone

Nancy Juhn Senior Lecturer

State Children's Health Insurance: Access, Service Delivery and Outreach to Low Income Children email
972-883-4981 phone

Heidi Kane Assistant Professor

Social/Personality Psychology Close Relationships, Stress, Support and Coping, Health email
972-883-4469 phone
Close Relationships and Health Lab

Karen Kaplan Clinical Lecturer

Pediatric Speech, Language and Feeding Disorders email
972-883-3653 phone

William Katz Professor

Speech Science Speech Science and Neurolinguistics email
214-905-3188 phone
Personal Website website

Helen Kenedi Clinical Lecturer

Adult Dysphagia and Language Disorders email
214-905-3112 phone

Kristen Kennedy Assistant Professor

Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive-Neuroscience Healthy Aging of Brain Structure, Function and Cognition email
972-883-3739 phone
Kennedy Neuroimaging of Aging and Cognition (KNAC) Lab website

Michael Kilgard Professor

Neuroscience Principles of Cortical Plasticity email
972-883-2339 phone
Cortical Plasticity Laboratory website
Texas Biomedical Device Center website
VNS Stroke Trial website

Daniel Krawczyk Associate Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Cognition and Neuroscience of Reasoning, Memory, and Attention email
972-883-4474 phone
Krawczyk Laboratory website

Sven Kroener Assistant Professor

Neuroscience Synaptic Transmission in the Prefrontal Cortex, Schizophrenia, Drug Addiction email
972-883-2039 phone
Cellular and Synaptic Physiology Lab website

Colleen Le Prell Professor

Hearing Science Hearing Loss Prevention email
214-905-3018 phone

Edward Lobarinas Associate Professor

Hearing Science Hearing Loss, Tinnitus email
972-883-4473 phone

Janice Lougeay Clinical Lecturer

Director of Clinical Education, Autism, Stuttering and Voice email
214-905-3114 phone

Reid Lyon Distinguished Scholar in Cognition and Neuroscience

Cognitive-Neuroscience Brain Plasticity & Neurocognitive Rehabilitation, Brain Injury email
972-883-3211 phone

Mandy Maguire Associate Professor

Developmental Psychology, Language Science, Cognitive-Neuroscience Developmental Cognitive and Linguistics Neuroscience email
214-905-3163 phone
Developmental Neurolinguistics Laboratory website

Jeffrey Martin Clinical Assistant Professor

Hearing Science Auditory Electrophysiology, Auditory Processing Disorders, and Aging email
214-905-3078 phone

Christa McIntyre Rodriguez Associate Professor

Neuroscience Neurobiology of Learning and Memory email
972-883-2235 phone
Neurobiology of Memory Lab website

Steven McWilliams Senior Lecturer

Neuroscience Chemotherapeutic-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy and Neuropathic Pain email
972-883-6785 phone

Van Miller Senior Lecturer

Neuroscience Neonatal neurology, Developmental neurobiology email
972-883-4229 phone

Candice Mills Associate Professor

Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social/Personality Psychology Development of Social Cognition and Critical Thinking email
972-883-4475 phone
Think Lab website

Aage Moller Professor

Hearing Science, Neuroscience Sensory Neuroscience and Plasticity email
972-883-4306 phone
Personal Website website

Bert Moore Professor

Social/Personality Psychology School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences email
972-883-2355 phone

Jackie Nelson Assistant Professor

Developmental Psychology Parenting, Family Stress, Emotional Processes within the Family System; Children's Emotional Development email
972-883-4478 phone
Family Research Lab website

Alice O'Toole Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Visual Perception, Quantitative Models email
972-883-2486 phone
Face Perception Research Lab website

Margaret Owen Professor

Developmental Psychology Parenting and Family Processes, Early Childcare, Self Regulation and School Readiness email
972-883-6876 phone
Owen Laboratory; Center for Children and Families website

Denise Park Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging email
972-883-3255 phone
Park Aging Mind Laboratory website

Amy Pinkham Associate Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Social Cognition in Schizophrenia email
972-883-4462 phone
The Schizophrenia and Social Cognition Lab website

Jonathan Ploski Assistant Professor

Neuroscience Molecular and Biochemical Mechanisms of Synaptic Plasticity, Emotional Learning and Memory email
972-883-2014 phone
Ploski Lab website

Karen Prager Professor

Social/Personality Psychology Intimacy Development, Marital Relations, and Depression email
972-883-2353 phone
The Couples' Daily Lives Project website; Gender Studies website

Theodore Price
Associate Professor

Neuroscience Neurobiology of Pain, Molecular Mechanisms of Plasticity, Neuropharmacology email
972-883-4311 phone
Pain Neurobiology Research Group website

Robert Rennaker Professor

Neuroscience Neural Engineering email
972-883-4696 phone

Karen Rodrigue Assistant Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging email
972-883-3200 phone

Ross Roeser Professor

Hearing Science Auditory System Function and Dysfunction email
214-905-3002 phone

Raul Rojas Assistant Professor

Language Science Bilingual Development and Child Language email
214-905-3162 phone
Personal Website website

Pamela Rollins Associate Professor

Language Science Early Social Communication and Autism email
214-905-3153 phone
Social Communication Lab website

Michael Rugg Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience of Episodic Memory email
972-883-3725 phone
fNIM Laboratory website

Bart Rypma Associate Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology Cognitive and Neural Bases of Working Memory and Aging email
972-883-4472 phone
NeuroPsychometric Research (NPR) Laboratory website

Felicity Sale Clinical Lecturer

Adult Neurogenic Communication Disorders email
972-883-3655 phone

John Santrock Professor

Developmental Psychology Family Processes and Adolescent Development email
972-883-2097 phone

Noah Sasson Associate Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology Social Cognition in Autism email
972-883-2541 phone
Development of Social Cognition Lab website

Melanie Spence Professor

Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology Infant Perception and Learning email
972-883-2206 phone
Infant Learning Project website

Robert Stillman Professor

Language Science Preverbal Communication, Autism email
214-905-3106 phone

John Stilwell Clinical Professor

Psychological Sciences of Peaceful Resolution of disputes by alternative (extra judicial) methods: Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration email
972-883-2360 phone

Linda Thibodeau Professor

Hearing Science Amplification and Speech Perception of the Hearing Impaired email
214-905-3108 phone
Personal Website website

Tres Thompson Associate Professor

Neuroscience Neuronal Mechanisms of Memory and Aging email
972-883-4933 phone
Aging & Memory Research Laboratory website

Emily Tobey Professor

Hearing Science, Speech Science Speech Science and Cochlear Implants email
214-905-2791 phone
Dallas Cochlear Implant Program Laboratory website

Hanna Ulatowska Professor

Language Science Neurolinguistics, Aging, Aphasia email
214-905-3101 phone

Marion K. Underwood

Developmental Psychology Anger, Aggression, Gender and Children's Peer Relationships email

Toosje van Beveren
Senior Lecturer

Infant and Child Typical and Atypical Development, Effects of Prenatal Drug Exposure on Child Development email
214-662-6789 phone

Anne van Kleeck Professor

Language Science Child Language, Preliteracy email
214-905-3147 phone
Language and Literacy Laboratory website

Sven Vanneste Associate Professor

Hearing Science, Neuroscience Auditory and Integrative Neuroscience email
214-905-3176 phone
Lab for Auditory & Integrative Neuroscience website

Diane Garst Walsh
Clinical Lecturer

Language Science, Speech Science email
972-883-3610 phone

Jun Wang Assistant Professor

Speech Science Speech Science and Assistive Technology email
972-883-6821 phone
Speech Disorders & Technology Lab website

Andrea Warner-Czyz
Assistant Professor

Hearing Science Infant and Child Speech Perception, Cochlear Implants, Quality of Life of Children with Hearing Loss email
214-905-3124 phone

Gagan Wig Assistant Professor

Cognitive-Neuroscience Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory, Brain Networks and Aging email
972-883-3731 phone
The Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab website

Phillip L. Wilson
Clinical Associate Professor

Hearing Aids, Vestibular Evaluation and Treatment email
214-905-3036 phone