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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

Jackie Nelson


Jackie Nelson
















About Jackie Nelson


Jackie Nelson earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology at Elon University and her doctoral degree in Human Development and Family Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She is an assistant professor of Psychological Sciences studying parenting, family interaction, family stress and children's social-emotional development.


Research Interests


Family members live in a system where they are constantly influenced by one another and by the environment. Emotion is a large part of family life and is especially likely to be transferred between parents and children. I am interested in many family processes including how mothers and fathers influence their spouse's parenting behavior, how stress occurring in parents' multiple roles affects family interaction, and how parents interact with their children and socialize their children's emotional development.


Recent Publications


Nelson, J. A., O'Brien, M., Grimm, K. J., & Leerkes, E. M. (in press). Identifying mother-child interaction styles using a person-centered approach. Social Development.


Nelson, J. A., Leerkes, E. M., O'Brien, M., Calkins, S. D., & Marcovitch, S. (2012). African American and European American mothers' beliefs about negative emotions and emotion socialization practices. Parenting: Science and Practice, 12, 22-41.


Nelson, J. A., O'Brien, M., Blankson, A. N., Calkins, S. D., & Keane, S. P. (2009). Family stress and parental responses to children's negative emotions: Tests of the spillover, crossover, and compensatory hypotheses. Journal of Family Psychology, 23, 671-679.