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School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences - The University of Texas at Dallas

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Peter Assmann Professor

Hearing Science Speech Perception and Psychoacoustics [email protected] email
972-883-2435 phone
Speech Perception Research Laboratory website

Marjorie Grantham Clinical Associate Professor

Hearing Science Hearing Science, multi-modal perception, and auditory attention [email protected] email
214-905-3176 phone

Colleen Le Prell Professor

Hearing Science Hearing Loss Prevention [email protected] email
214-905-3018 phone

Edward Lobarinas Associate Professor

Hearing Science Hearing Loss, Tinnitus [email protected] email
972-883-3002 phone

Jeffrey Martin Clinical Associate Professor

Hearing Science Auditory Electrophysiology, Auditory Processing Disorders, and Aging [email protected] email
214-905-3078 phone

Aage Moller Professor

Hearing Science Sensory Neuroscience and Plasticity [email protected] email
972-883-4306 phone
Personal Website website

Ross Roeser Professor

Hearing Science Auditory System Function and Dysfunction [email protected] email
214-905-3002 phone

Linda Thibodeau Professor

Hearing Science Amplification and Speech Perception of the Hearing Impaired [email protected] email
214-905-3108 or 972-883-3463 phone
Personal Website website

Sven Vanneste Associate Professor

Hearing Science Auditory and Integrative Neuroscience [email protected] email
214-905-3176 phone
Lab for Auditory & Integrative Neuroscience website

Andrea Warner-Czyz
Assistant Professor

Hearing Science Infant and Child Speech Perception, Cochlear Implants, Quality of Life of Children with Hearing Loss [email protected] email
214-905-3124 phone
The CHildren and Infant Listening Laboratory (CHILL) website